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The Farewell Message of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna on the eve of His departure from the arena of this world, after finishing the difficult task of establishing righteousness (Dharma), gave His last parting discourse to His cousin brother Uddhava, who was also His dearest devotee and follower.

At the end of a long sermon comprising more than one thousand verses Uddhava said: O Lord, I think the pursuit of yoga as You narrated to Arjuna, and now to me, is very difficult, indeed, for most people because it entails co­ntrol of the unruly senses. Please tell me a short, simple, and easy way to God-realization. Lord Krishna, upon Uddhava’s request, gave the es­sentials of Self-realization (BP 11.06-29) for the modern age as follows:

  • Do your duty, to the best of your abilities, for Me without any motive, and remember Me at all times — before starting a work, at the completion of a task, and while inactive.
  • Practice to look upon all creatures as Myself in thought, word, and deed; and mentally bow down to them.
  • Awaken your dormant Kundalini power and perceive -- through the activities of mind, senses, breathing, and emotions -- that the power of God is within you at all times, and is con­stantly doing all the work, using you as a mere instrument.

Yogi Mumtaz Ali says: One who fully knows oneself as a mere instrument and a playground of mother Nature, knows the Truth. Cessation of all desires by realizing the true essence of the world and the human mind is Self-realization.

Hariharananda Giri says: God is in everything as well as above everything. So if you want to realize Him, you must seek and see Him in every atom, in every matter, in every bodily function, and in every human being, with an attitude of surrender.

Muniji says: You must be God's gardener, carefully tending the garden, but never becoming attached to what will blossom, what will flower, what will give fruit or what will wither and die. Expectation is the mother of frustration, and acceptance gives peace.

Lord Krishna also summarized the essence of God-realization (BP 2.09.32-35) as follows:

The Supreme Lord Krishna said: One who wants to know Me, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, should only understand that I existed before creation; I exist in the creation, as well as after complete dissolution. Any other existence is nothing but My illusory energy (Maya). I exist within the creation and at the same time outside the creation. I am the all-pervading Supreme Lord who exists everywhere, in everything, and at all times

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