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The holy scripture Gita has been alloted the highest position among all spiritual scriptures. It not only contains the essence of the vedas and the Upnishads, rather it also deeply analyses human life. Shreemad Bhagwat Gita has brought about spiritual revolution in many lives and it carries the essence of Indian knowledge and philosophy. It approaches life with a scientific perspective and each off its verses reveals some new fact about human life.

Many great scholars and learned man have over the ages tried to give this text a new meaning through their own personal interpretation of its verses. Presented here are the views of some of the greatest scholars of all times.

Gita is not just discourse and neither is it a text to be read by only old people after they have retired from active life. It contains practical knowledge for every person- young or old, man or woman. It teacher us how to live life and how to meet the challenges of life. Hence it should be studied daily.

Lokmanya Tilak

Gita is a most clear and easy elucidation of worldly principles. It is an important text not only for the people of India but for the people of the whole world. Gita presents the world with a spiritual view of the material world.

Ados Huxley

Gita is a great text that presents Dharma in an authentic way. It is not merely a source of principles or education rather its verses tend to influence the life of every person. With the help of Gita a person can change his thoughts, actions and principles for the better. He can obtain invaluable directions from this text. Gita makes it clear how on can face troubles of life and realise the ultimate truth.

Maharishi Arvind

I experience a great peace in the shadow of Gita. Whenever I feel disappointed and do not find any solution forthcoming I start looking up in Gita and each time I come up with a verse that helps me smile even in the face of adversities. If there are no scars of hardships of life on my mind and body then it is all due to Shreemad Bhagwat Gita .

Mahatma Gandhi

Thousands of books can be written based on Gita, for every word in it has a deep meaning and because it contains facts related to the common man’s life. The text starts with the verse –


Dharmashetre Kurushetre Samvetaa Yuyutsavah. 
Maamakaah Paandavaashreiv kimkurvat sanjay.

The king Dhritrashtra asks the omniscient Sanjay what is going in the battle field of Kurushetra between the armies of Kauravs and the Pandavs. Every person in the word who is so obsessed by material life wants to know how he stands spiritually. Every person in this world,

Quits like Dhritrashtra, wishes to know how he can spiritually succeed in life in spite of leading an evil life.

The text starts with this verse and finally in the eighteenth chapter the enlightened Sanjay says –

Yatra Yogeswarah Krishnno Yatra Paartho Dhanurdharah. 
Tatra Shreervijayo Bhootirdhruvaa Neetirmatirmam

 i .e. O Dhritrashtra, where there is Lord Krishna who is the guru of the entire world, there is bound to be his disciple Arjun who is struggling against the challenges of life and wishes for true knowledge. Where there is the Lord there is bound to be wealth, fame, justice, victory and Dharma.

It is worng to consider Gita to be a mere discourse given by the Lord to Arjun. Great spiritualists like Shankaracharya, Ramanujachary, and Swami Nimbakaacharya have written documentaries on this holy text which elucidate the greatness of this scripture.

Presented here are some special Sadhanas based on it through which much can be gained. Poverty can never make way into the house where this pious thet is read daily for because of Lord Krishna’s grace one is ever blessed with wealth,fame a happy family, sons and daughters.

Place the Gita Yantra  in you place of worship at home. 
Early in the morning before sunrise have a bath and offer 
sandalwood paste, Tulsi Leaves (holybasil), flowers incense, 
ghee lamp, sweets, betel nut and a bnetel leaf on the Yantra.

The first day recite the Gita with full devotion. If you do it 
once you shall feel like doing it again and again. Those 
who do not know Sanskrit can read the meaning given in Hindi.


After this cant the Mantra Om  Namah Bhagwate 
Vaasudevaay seated before the Yantra. One has to 
complete three thousand chatings of the Mantra before 
starting any of the following Sadhanas. This can be done in 
one day or in a week. After that try any of these Sadhanas.



For riddance from spirits, ailments and problems

 Sthaane Rishikesh Tav Prakeertyaa Jagatprahashyapnurajyate Cha. 
Rakshaansi Bheetaani Disho Dravanti, Sarva Namasyanti Cha Siddhasanghaa.

 O Rishikesh (the Lord with beautiful hair) just chanting you name fills the mind and heart with.

 Supreme joy and drives away the demons of evil. Much frightened, these demons bow down to the great Yogis.

 If some water is energised by chanting of this verse and it is offered to a person plagued by spirits then he is freed of the evil influence. For this chant the Mantra 108 times seated before the holy text having placed a copper tumbler filled with water by its side. Later give the patient or victim the water to drink.

Riddance from poverty

Offer prayers to the holy text and chant this verse daily to drive  away poverty from your life and attract wealth .

Vaayuryamognirvarunnah  Shashaank Prajaapatistastvam Prapitaa Mahashcha. 
Namo Namastestu Sahastrakritvaa punashcha Bhooypi Namo Namaste.

O Loard Krishna. you are the creator of the forces- air, Yama, fire, water. and the moon the are so important in my life. You are the creator of even Branma who created this world. I bow to you. I wish for your grace and hence I again bow to you.

Ward off evil eye thus

If a child suffers form evil eye or some base Tantra ritual try this. Take a branch from the Neem (Margosa ) tree and touching the child 108 times chant thus 108 times.

Tvamaaadidevah  Purushah Puraann, Stvamasya Vishvasya Param  Nidhaanam.
Vettaasi Vedhyam Cha Dhaam, Tvayaa Tatam Vivashmanantroop.

O Lord, you are the foremost of all deities and eternal. You are the essence of this whole world. You have infinite forms and you are omnipresent and omniscient.

Removing hurdles in life

If you are facing hurdles in some particular task chant one round of the Mantra Om Namah Bhagwate Vaasudevaay before the holy text. Then chant one round of the following verse. This removes all hurdles and brings resounding success.

 Namah Purastaadath Prishtthataste Namostu. Sarva Ev Sarva. 
A nantaveeryaa- mitvikramastvam Sarva S amaanyoshi Tatosi Sarvah.

O Lord, you possess great capabilities, I bow to you who are present in all directions. You are supremely valorous and the whole world is present in your form. You reside in every being.

Benefits from the state

If government officials are not cooperative or are offended due to some reason and are not ready to help you then try this ritual.

Chant this verse 108 times early in toe morning.

Yachchaa- vahaasaarth- amasatkritosi Vihaarshayyaasan Bhojaneshu. 
Ekodhavaapyaayut Tatsamaksham Tatshaamaye Tvaamaham- prameyam.

O Lord, Krishna, You have infinite powers, if I have ever uttered any disrespectful words in my life  due to my gnorance or arrogance please forgive me. You are capable of forgiving all human errors.

There are many more verses in Gita besides these which the Sadhak can recite for gaining peace in life. But one modt chant the afore mentioned Mantra 3000 times before accomplishing any of the above rituals.

This ensures success in the Sadhana. Every Sadhak should have a copy of the holy Gita at home and should also encourage the children to read the Gita, for this text is the best guide for a human being in life.

Sources: """ May'2000 Mantra Tantra Yantra Vigyan"""

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Matter and the energy trapped in it soes not signify the universe in its totality, for there is a Divine Power wich controls all matter and energy. This Power is called God or Brahm. A true scientist has to be religious because science and religion are supplementary to each other. Without religion, science is lame and without science, religion is blind. Blind faith is out chief enemy, but faith in God is the most encouraging element. 

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