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Meditation in Bhagavad Gita

Two of the simplest techniques of meditation are presented here that does not require a guru or any special mantra.

Meditation leads to peace, tranquility, and equanimity of mind, and equanimity of mind leads to Self-Realization or the superconscious state of mind and bliss.

Ten Steps of Meditation:

  1. A dark room makes time stand still.
  2. A 1 inch cushon reduces ankle&knee pain.
  3. Set an alarm clock for the time that you vow to do.
  4. Keeping eyes closed&hands locked, periodically stretch legs while keeping back straight.
  5. Intense aspiration will bring longer meditation.
  6. Practice and regularity achieves perfection.
  7. Do meditation with love to seek and please God.
  8. Invoke God's presence before meditation.
  9. Keep your meditation secret from worldly people.
  10. Never give up until the goal is reached.
Hope these 10 hints help your meditation.

Samadhi withdraws the mind into another dimension where all is one.

General Brief Notes on Meditation Techniques:

Types of meditation:

  1. Japa: mental chanting of a mantra with increasing/decreasing speed.
  2. Voice chanting:
    1. Bhajan/kirtan or Group chanting.
  3. Watch (or Dhyaana) the following:
    1. your Ishtadeva and or ishtaloka
    2. breath going in thru nose and coming out either thru nose or mouth.
    3. 7 chakras (kriya/kundalini yoga)
    4. sensation in various parts of the body (Vipaasanaa meditation)
    5. thoughts: bring good/bad ones and let go
    6. imagine, visualize or feel a bright light at the top of your head, inside the head. allow your mind to choose its color. allow this light to travel and touch down every tissue, cell, organ (for healing), and muscle of the body, thru the spinal chord. light surrounds your body like a cocoon. count backward: 5, 4, 3,2,1. feel relaxed.

The word 'yoga' has also been defined in the following verses of the Gita: 2.48, 2.50, 2.53, 6.04, 6.08, 6.19, 6.23, 6.29, 6.31, 6.32, and 6.47

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