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Bhagavad Gita Teachings

Just as a person puts on new garments after discarding the old ones, similarly
Spirit acquires new bodies after casting away the old bodies..
– Bhagavad-gita 2.22

Free Gita E-Satsang

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NOTE: Join our Free Saturday evening e-satsang (in English and then in Hindi) regularly to become a Board member of IGS and receive a FREE Autographed (by Dr. Prasad) copy of pocket gita in English or Hindi.

Be a part of the world-wide mision of Gita Prachar!!


Times: Saturdays from 9-10 Night, Eastern USA (or New York Time)


Sundays 7:30 MORNING Indian Standard time, Sunday 7am in Pakistan

London (GMT) time= 2 AM morning of Sunday

Hong kong, Phillipines, Bali, Malaysia Sunday 10 hrs

Japan, S korea, Sunday 11 hrs

E. Australia – Sunday 1pm

Click for time in your city/country

To connect to Free Live Audio Conferencing, at the above schedule time in USA and Canada:

Dial 1.641.715.3640 followed by access code: 106716#

Click here to read Bhagavad Gita in English

At times due to lack of attendance, we answer students’ questions by e-mail at anytime
Current TOPIC: Chapter 7: The Ultimate Knowledge, will continue by the Group

Authors: Plz submit your papers/ideas/topics for future presentations. If you cant join, please send your thoughts, comments by email we will read it for you and discuss it.

Gita Class in Fremont, CA By Dr. Prasad since year 2000

Gita Class in other cities, call Madan Kaura in Michigan,ph 248 476-4206

Hindu scriptures/satsang in TEXAS by Dr Raju, Call 979 587 9797 for details 7-8 pm ET, dial 213 416 6650, access code 600730# to connect by phone

Q/A:Post your Question here and get answer by our expert panel. Please send info about your class to be listed here.

Guidelines for speakers: 1,000 words takes 10 minutes to speak.
  1. The main speaker should restrict his initial speech to 20 to 25 minutes.
  2. Every participant is encouraged to speak at least 3-4 minutes.
  3. As this is an international conference, the language will be mainly English with some usage of Sanskrit words. The usage of Sanskrit verses breaks the continuity of the majority of listeners who don’t know the language. its like putting some French lines to English listeners!! I personally read Gita in Sanskrit or Hindi at home.
  4. Mere reciting of Sanskrit verses and not explaining their meaning is discouraged. Sanskrit verses must be explained in English or just mention verse# such as verse 18.66. People will not remember the Sanskrit verses anyway! but may be necessary for the speakers to organize their thoughts.
  5. It must be understood that the speaker is not be interrupted while he is speaking. Q/A will be only after the speaker has finished his/her speech and moderator invites Q/A from all.
  6. IGS is a non-sectarian group, we respect saints, sages, prophets, teachers of all religious thoughts and hence there should be due respect for all.
  7. All the participants should Study the Gita (complete Gita link is given on this page) and share their views to make the Satsang interesting. Your suggestions for improvement are welcome.
  8. Final conclusions, if any, will be arrived at during the last 5 mts. of the conference. Speaker(s) for the next meeting is decided during the current meeting, plz. volunteer.
  9. If we don’t get any volunteers Dr. Prasad and Peter Hansmann will continue Gita chapters.
If you miss the Live Audio Conferencing, you can still listen to previous conference Recording, MP3 files:

To Download the files Just ‘Right click’ on links below & select “Save As” or “Save Link As”


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