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(Without a Doctor or Costly Fertility Clinic Using ancient Yogic-Ayurvedic Technique)

Dr. R. Prasad, Ph.D.
Int'l Gita Society

This ancient Ayurvedic/Yogic or Hindu method discussed here, of selecting the sex of a baby to prevent killings of an unwanted innocent child is almost lost. Very few people know the exact breathing method to sharpen both Sun and Moon side of Kundalini and use it properly in this technique. We request you to send the link: to as many people as possible. You will not only do service without any cost, but also help people understand what Vedic culture has to offer. We suggest both partners should read together and understand this technique.

NOTE:This technique will not cure any medical condition preventing pregnancy.

Setting aside all Dharmas, just surrender unto My Will. I shall liberate you from all sins or bonds of Karma. Do not grieve. (Gita Chapter 18, Verse 66. This verse is the one verse summery of Gita and very difficult to understand the deep meaning.)

The Surrendered Wife: A Practical Guide for Finding Intimacy, Passion and Peace with a Man by Laura Doyle. A NYT Best Seller, 2001. Laura is neither Indian nor married to an Indian or paid us a penny. We have put a very short review here because it supports a basic tenet of Vedic/Hindu and Eastern culture from a Western woman's mouth who also practiced it! Surrendering is as important in seeking Divine Love (Bhakti) as in seeking conjugal love and then raising a family. Laura discusses in her book why and how to practice this very difficult art of surrendering, when not to surrender, why not men surrender? And much more for a happy marriage. A must reading for all women and men. Surrender or suffer!!

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