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Three Ways To Buy Our Hard Cover, 4th Edition Bhagavad Gita:

1. (A) Buy direct from American Gita Society, (shipped from Fremont, CA, USA within 24 hours.)

Our price of $18 is at 28% discount. FREE shipping if you buy more than one Book !!

See the instruction below and/or send E-mail to contact us for more information or Free AutoGraph (Regular price in Bookstores=US$24.95+S&H) Our price per book=US$18, Plus S&H (see the table below for S&H) if you buy directly from IGS using

Country Price S&H by USPS Total
USA US $18 US $4 US $22

1. (B) Rates for all other countries: See table below: (Please add proper amount of S&H per book when ordering)

To buy GITA within USA: Send $22.00 using Donate Link OR Use Our PayPal ID : to make payments or Contact Us

Donate $22 Link

Country Price S&H by Air Total
Canada US $18 US $14 US $32
All Other Countries US $18 US $20 US $38

2. Download PDF file of the complete Gita in English with Sanskrit verses for $4.20, Use "Donate Button" to send money.

Orders From Outside USA: Please Use this link:

Donate $22 Link

and Send Proper Total Amount.

For rates for all other countries or Free AutoGraph by Dr. Prasad !! you can email to - contact us

3. Send an International Money Order/Bank Draft in US$ directly to:

  • 511 Lowell Place
  • Fremont, Ca 94536-1805
  • Email: Contact Us

Gita purchased directly from us may be autographed by Dr. Prasad upon request!!

Convert Currency If you want to send International Money Order by mail. Shipped within 24 hours

Use Our PayPal ID : to make payments or Contact Us
Fourth Revised Edition, Hardcover, 384 Pages with a guide to meditation.

THIS EDITION IS PRINTED AND QUALITY BOUND IN USA (Our previous editions, printed outside USA, were cheaper in quality and price.

With Introduction, Original Sanskrit Text and Roman Transliteration, A Lucid English Rendition in two colors, Paragraph Headings, Guide for the Beginners and Daily Reading, Explanation with Verses from Other Religious Scriptures, and Index

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