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Advance Omnic Meditation Method

A BASIC MEDITATION-1 (For the Beginners)

     A simple technique of meditation is described here: (1) Sit in a clean, quiet, dark place; in any comfortable posture with head, neck, and spine straight and vertical. Make sure before starting meditation breathing is equalized in both nostrils.

(1) No music or incense during meditation is recommended. The time and place of meditation should be fixed. Midnight, morning, and evening are the best times to meditate for 15 to 20 minutes every day. (2) Remember any name or form of the personal god (Ishta Deva) you believe in, and ask His or Her blessings. (3) Close your eyes, take 5 to 10 very slow and deep breaths. (4) Fix your gaze, mind, and feelings inside the chest center, the seat of the causal heart, and breathe slowly. Mentally chant "So" as you breathe in and "ham" as you breathe out. Think as if breath itself is making these sounds “So” and "ham". Mentally visualize the breath going in and coming out through the nostrils. Do not try to control or lead your breathing; just watch your natural breathing. (5) Direct the will towards the thought of merging yourself into the infinite space of the air you are breathing that is full of sound waves with the symbol of Om as shown below:

 …. …. ….

If mind starts to wander, start from step (3) again.

ö Advance Omnic Sound Meditation Technique ö

A practical advanced method of meditating on Om is presented for advanced devotees. This very powerful technique should be practiced only after 108 or more days of practice of basic Meditation 1.

NOTE: Equalization of the breathing through both nostrils before meditation is necessary for concentration. One method is the alternate breathing (or Anuloma-viloma). Another method is: If you want to equalize the breath in the right nostril, concentrate your mind on left side of your brain for 30 secs. and check till the breath is equalized. For the left nostril, concentrate your mind on the right side of the brain.

WARNING: This is a very powerful method, and is known to produce harm if done without guidance or proper preparation such as Yama and Niyama. Stop this meditation if you feel some unusual signs and do not drive or use any machinery while practicing this technique.

This Omnic meditation is the only meditation mentioned in the Bhagavad-Gita 8.13 by Lord Krishna. Here we provide the details—based on years of study of yogic scriptures, research, practice and teaching—for the benefit of advanced seekers. The place of meditation should be light-free (a dark room), odor-free (no incense), and sound-free (no music) for the best results. Sit on the floor or on a chair, look straight, close your eyes, keep arms on knees with palms upward or use any other mudra. A good time to meditate is before sunrise and sunset.

(1) Take few deep breaths. Sincerely ask your guru's/ Ishta Deva's, or Lord Shiva's/Ganesha's blessings for success in meditation before starting. (2) Inhale slowly and deeply through nose.

(3) Hold the breath for a second then exhale slowly and 

(4) Chant a strong but soft, audible, continuous, sound vibration of OM (as O…O...o…o...o..….m..) with complete sincerity while slowly exhaling through the mouth.

Let the mind and eyes be focused at an imaginary origin of the Omnic sound situated at the pituitary gland (the master gland) inside the brain—located four inches deep from the mid-brows (Also called Ājnā or sixth chakra).

The place above the pituitary gland is also known as the seventh chakra or the baby’s soft spot on top of the head. Keep your mind and eyes focused at the seventh chakra, and imagine that a shining energy of Omnic sound wave is radiating from the pituitary gland to the seventh chakra and is filling your entire skull with the sound of Om and feel the vibration at the top of your head.

The secret is, eventually, not to utter any sound, but make your mind submerge into the fullness of the sound by entering into the core of the Om sound and trying to become one with it in love of Om. The sound you are using here is not an arbitrary or ordinary sound, but a symbol of the Reality—the fullness of the universe, and the very subtle transcendental sound of cosmic vibration.

Repeat the process 5 or more times starting at step (2): Continue the process in steps (2) to (4) with a humming Om sound from nose only, then with slow Om sound and in the end just mental Om sound for 10 to 15 minutes total. Practice twice a day for one to three months, and then slowly and gradually increase the time of mental chanting to 25 minutes.

APPENDIX 2. Chakra balancing and healing with Om

It is sometimes possible to revive or heal a person by intoning Om in their right ear. Ultra sound therapy is used to treat pain and promote healing. Om is the super ultra-cosmic sound! Om is the Creative Power of the Supreme God. Visualize a sphere of gentle vibrating white light at the base of your spine. Softly chant Om a few times as you find the light becoming brighter and spreading horizontally and vertically below your seat. Next visualize the vibrating light going up on the rung of each chakra-ladder; stopping for a while to energize each chakra point. After reaching the seventh chakra, come down the ladder slowly, calmly and with a feeling of love of Om. Repeat the process 3 times.  Om!

A Simple Basic Meditation in Hindi

(â) ap=n=e m=uK=, h=q=, a=Er p=Er Q==ey=e] t=q== is=r, g=d*n=, a=Er rI$ª k:I h#<#I k:=e s=IQ=e ~p=r k:I a=er rK=t=e huA a=r=m=deh m=u7= m=e] ik:s=I x==nt=, sv=c%, a=Er a]Q=ere sq==n= m=e] b=E@e]. Qy==n=k:=l m=e] s=]g=It= y== Q=Up=b=T=I a=id k:I s=l=h n=hI] hE. Qy==n= k:= k:=l a=Er sq==n= in=ixc=t= h=en== c==ihy=e. m=n=, v=c=n=, a=Er k:m=* s=e y=m=-in=y=m= k:= p==ln= k:re]. ku:% y==eg==s=n= B=I a=v=xy=k: hE]. p=>it=idn= âç-äî im=n=! p=>=t=/k:=l, s=]Qy==, a=Er m=Qy=-r=iF= k:= s=m=y= Qy==n= ke: ily=e s=v==e*T=m= s=m=y= hE. (ä) ij=s= w{!dev= m=e] a=sq== hE, Wn=k:= n==m= y== Op= k:= sm=r[= k:re], Wn=k:= a=x=Iv==*d m==]g=e. (à) ap=n=e n=y=n= m=U]d le], a=Er ç-âî aty=nt= Q=Im=e a=Er g=hre xv==s= le]. (å) ap=n=e Ådy=-ke:n7 ke: andr ap=n=I d&i{!, m=n=, a=Er B==v= ke:in7t= k:r Q=Ire Q=Ire s==]s= le]. B=It=r k:I a=er s==]s= let=e s=m=y= m=n= hI m=n= ‘s==e’ k:= j==p= k:re], a=Er b==hr k:I a=er s==]s= let=e s=m=y= ‘hm=’ k:=. Aes== s==ec=e] j=Es=e ik: sv=y=] xv==s= hI y=e ‘s==e’ a=Er ‘hm=’ Qv=in= Wcc==irt= k:r rh= hE. m==n=is=k: d&i{! s=e n=q=un==e] 8=r= s==]s= k:=e B=It=r j==t=e, a=Er if:r b==hr a=t=e huA deK=t=e rhe]. xv==s= k:=e in=y=]iF=t= k:rn=e k:= p=>y==s= n= k:re], sv==B==iv=k: xv==s= le]. (ç) xv==s= lI j==t=I huw* v==y=u ke: an=nt= dex= m=e] ap=n=e-a=p= k:=e lIn= k:rn=e k:= p=>y=tn= k:re]. y=id m=n= xv==s=-p=q= k:= an=us=r[= k:rn=e s=e iv=c=ilt= h=e, t==e p=un=/ p=g= (à) s=e x=uo k:re]. in=y=im=t= h=e] t=q== d&$ª rhe].

ö k:I s==Q=n== ke: iv={=y= m=e] Wcc= Xe[=I ke: s==Q=k:=e] ke: ilA Ak: vy=v=h=irk: t=rIk:= b=t==y== j== rh= hE. y=h Ak: s=x=kt= t=k:n=Ik: hE ij=s=e v={==e*] Qy==n= k:I k:=eew* s=hj= ib=iQ= k:I  s==Q=n== ke: p=xc==t=< hI k:rn== c==ihA.

Omnic Sound Meditation Method in Hindi

c=et==v=n=I / y=h Ak: aty=]t= x=ikt=x==lI t=k:n=Ik: hE ij=s=e ib=n== ik:s=I m==g=*dx=*n= y== ib=n== ik:s=I t=Ey==rI, j=Es=e y=m= a=Er in=y=m=, ke: k:rn=e p=r h=in= B=I h=e s=k:t=I

B=g=v==n=< k&:{[= 8=r= B=g=v=d<g=It== (è.âà) m=e] ö k:I s==Q=n== ke: iv={=y= m=e] k:h= g=y== hE. y=h=] ws=e iv=st==rp=Uv=*k:_v={==e*] k:I s==Q=n==, y==eg=x==sF==e] ke: aQy=y=n= Av=] vy=v=h=irk: an=uB=v= ke: p=xc==t=<_s=cc=e s==Q=k:=e] ke: l=B= het=u k:h= j== rh= hE. ac%e p=ir[==m= ke: ilA s==Q=n== sq=l k:= ap=>k:=ix=t= (k:=eew* a]Q=er= k:m=r=),  ag=]iQ=t= (ib=n== Q=Up=-ag=rb=t=I ke:) Av=] x==]t= h=en== a=v=xy=k: hE. s==Q=n== ke: ilA WT=m= s=m=y= p=>=t=/k:=l Av=] s==y=]k:=l (s=Uy==e*dy= Av=] s=Uy==*st= ke: p=hle) ke: al=v== m=Qy==Hn= Av=] m=Qy=r=iF= ke: a=Q=e G=]!e p=hle h=et== hE. B=g=v=d<g=It== ke: xl=ek: ê.âà ke: an=us==r a=r=m=d=y=k: a=s=n= m=e] a=]K=e] b=]dk:r b=E@e.


(â) g=hrI s==]s=e\ l]e. s==Q=n== k:I s=f:lt== ke: ilA p=>=r]B= k:rn=e ke: p=Uv=* ap=n=e g=uo, w{!dev=, B=g=v==n= ix=v= y== g=[=ex= s=e in={@=p=Uv=*k: a=x=I*v==d l]e.

(ä) Q=Ire-Q=Ire ap=n=I n==k: s=e g=hrI s==]s=e] a]dr le].

(à) s==]s==e\ k:=e Ak: s=ek:[# ke: ilA r=ek]e:.

(å) h=e]@=e] k:=e g==elk:r Q=Ire, k:=em=l, Xvy=, lg==t==r g=u]j=n= sv=r m=e] ö k:= j==p= (a=e.......a=e.....m=<) p=UrI s=ty=in={@= s=e k:rt=e huA m=uK= s=e Q=Ire-Q=Ire s==]s= %=e#eª. m=n= Av=] a=]K==e] s=e ök:=r Qv=in= k:=e m=ist={k: ke: a]dr, m=Qy= B==E]h=e] s=e c==r w]c= a]dr, p=Iy=U{= g=>]iq= (pituitary/master gland) m=e] isq=t= k:=Dp=in=k: s=>=et=, %@= c=k>:, p=r ke:ind>t= k:r]e. p=Iy=U{= g=>]iq= ke: ~p=r (t==lU) ke: sq==n= k:=e s=pt=m= c=k>: k:ht=e hE]. ap=n=e m=n= a=Er a=]K==e] k:=e s=pt=m= c=k>: p=r i!k:=y=e rK=e]. y=h k:Dp=n== k:re] ik: ök:=r Qv=in=-t=r]g==e] k:I dedIpy=m==n= Wj==* %@= c=k>: s=e s=pt=m= c=k>: k:I a=er p=>s==irt= h=e rhI hE a=Er a=p=ke: p=ure m=ist={k: m=e] B=rt=I j== rhI hE].


y=h=] m=hTv= ws= b==t= k:= hE ik: G==e{= n= h=e, leik:n= a=p=k:= m=n= Qv=in= k:I p=U[=*t== m=e] Qv=in= ke: ke:nd> m=e] p=UrI t=rh s=e Ak:=k:=r h=ek:r #Ub= j==y=e. ij=s= Qv=in= k:= a=p= wst=em==l k:r iv=lIn= h=et== j== rh= hE. y=h k:=ew* k&:iF=m= y== j==y=e. y=h s==Q==r[= Qv=in= n=hI] hE_v=rn=< v==st=iv=k:t== k:= p=>t=Ik: hE, b=>É=[# k:I p=U[=*t== hE, a=Er b=>É=i[#y= sp=]dn= k:I Qv=in= hE.


s==]s==e] k:=e %=e#ªn=e ke: s==q=-s==q= ws= p=>ik>:y== k:I p=un=r=v=&it= p==]c= s=e gy==rh b==r p=hle k:dm= (first step) s=e k:r]e. ws=ke: Wp=r=]t= ws= p=>ik>:y== k:=e j==rI rK=]e p=r ök:=r ke: Qv=in= sp=]dn= k:=e m=n= m=e] hI x==]it=p=Uv=*k: ds= s=e p=]d>h im=n=! t=k: hI k:re]. y=id m=n= jy==d= B=!k:t== h=e t==e m==n=is=k: y== v==st=iv=k: j==p= k:I g=it= k:=e Ws=I ke: an=us==r t=ej= k:re]. ws=I t=rh Ak: s=e t=In= m=hIn=e t=k: idn= m=e] Ak: s=e d=e b==r t=k: aBy==s= k:r]e. if:r Q=Ire-Q=Ire m==n=is=k: j==p= k:I s=]Ky== k:=e p=cc=Is= y== Ws=s=e s=e jy==d= im=n=! t=k: b=$ª=y=e].

ws= p=>ik>:y== k:=e k:rt=e s=m=y= ik:s=I a=Er m=]F= k:= j==p= n= k:r]e. a=p= ku:% hI m=hIn=e m=e] p=>g=it= k:= an=uB=v= k:re]g=ee. k:B=I k:B=I a=p= ap=n=e m=n= y== vy=v=h=r m=e] ac==n=k: p=irv=t=*n= B=I an=uB=v= k:r s=k:t=e h]E. Aes=e s=m=y= m=e] s==Q=n== k:I a=v=&it=-k:=l k:=e k:m= k:r de].

c=et==v=n=I / ws= x=ikt=x==lI p=>y==eg= ke: s=]b=]Q= m=e] ku:% ap=iric=t= a=x=]k:=A] B=I h]E, ws=ilA y=h s=B=I ke: ilA Wp=y==eg=I n=hI] h=e s=k:t== hE. y=id a=p= as=hj= m=hs=Us= k:re] t==e s==Q=n== k:=e ku:% s=m=y= ke: ilA sq=ig=t= k:r d]e. s==Q=n== ke: s=m=y= g==#ªI c=l=n=e y== ik:s=I any= y==]iF=k: p=>y==eg= s=e b=c=e].