Our Mission


 Break the barriers between faiths and promote unity in diversity.
International Gita Society (IGS) is not affiliated with any
other religious group, organization or cult.


Aims and Objectives

  1. To publish the Bhagavad-Gita in English and other languages and distribute it at a nominal subsidized cost, and put the Gita in libraries, hospitals, hotels,  motels, and other public places throughout the country, similar to what the International Bible Society has done for the Bible all over the world.

  2. To Spread the basic Non-sectarian Universal Teachings of Shrimad Bhagavad-Gita and other Vedic scriptures in an easy to understand language by establishing  branches of the Society in other countries to be named as: International Gita Society (IGS). 

  3. To provide support, and guidance in establishing Gita Study and Discussion (Satsang) Groups, and provide free Gita correspondence course to the youth, students, busy executives and  other interested persons.

  4. To provide inspiration, cooperation, and support to persons and non-profit organizations engaged in the study and propagation of the Vedic knowledge; and to arrange lectures, seminars, and short courses on meditation, yoga, and metaphysical sciences.

  5. To break the barriers between faiths, and establish unity of races, religions castes, and creeds through the immortal non-sectarian teachings of the Vedas, Upanishads, Gita, Ramayana, as well as other major world scriptures such as the Dhammapada, the Bible, the Koran, etc.; and to promote the Universal Brotherhood of Mankind.


Join the Board of Directors by just taking any Gita related project of your choice. No money is ever asked from our directors, just Seva. You will be free to execute your project the way you want it and the Society will provide guidance and tax-deduction benefits.  Here are few things you can do:
1. Distribute our free pocket size Gitas to friends, libraries, schools;
2. Translate Gita in any language of your choice. We will get it published,
3. Write an article for our website, 
4. Start a Gita study group or a branch of the IGS, 
5. Help our Prison Ashram Project, 
6. Help any one of our major International branches in India, Canada, Brazil, and Belgium; 
7. Help us develop a Hindu Center in Brazil (we have a 88 acre farm land to be developed there), 
8. Pick up any other Gita related project of your choice, 
9. Copy and distribute this Chalisa page or 
10. Just send us a tax-deductible donation to:  
International Gita Society, 511 Lowell Place, Fremont, Ca 94536-1805, Phone (510) 791 6953
International Gita Society - India : 
Phone- 40 2360 8890 (Hyderabad), 0999 863 8803 (Surat), 09359064855 (Pantnagar)

hpsjs77@gmail.com, vedinformatics@gmail.com