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    The Day of the Lord


    THE DAY OF THE LORD by Jay Mazo © 1998

    An age was going to end. There was no turning back now. A tall man surveyed the scene that appeared before his eyes. While another sat back quite unaffected by all that was going to take place. What a contrast this was between these key actors in the play of life. The soldier had lost all his courage, while the statesman was detached from the outcome. Everywhere around them all hell was ready to break loose. The warlords had won the day against those who spoke about justice and harmony. But the forces who stood for love and compassion would yet win the outcome. The tall general viewed the field of decision and broke down in uncontrollable tears. This was the day that he had long feared would happen. The statesman lived in a world beyond the clouds of human selfishness. He had tried for so long to bring a just peace, and yet this was all he got for his efforts. But unlike his friend the soldier, he stood unmoved before the clouds of war that were gathering. These two friends had gone through so many of lifeís challenges together. Now was the final test of friendship. The tall warrior was paralyzed within and collapsed on the wide open field of destiny. The statesman had a heart full of compassion and knew what had to be done to solve lifeís problems. The man of peace lifted up the fallen warrior and began to comfort his friend. The soldier slowly opened his eyes and regained his composure. He looked into the eyes of the compassionate statesman and suddenly a new world opened up to his soul. The world filled with all its contentions began to dissolve in his mind.

    The statesman now became for the soldier his only savior in the trials of life. He opened his mouth, and streams of liberating words flowed out one after another. From the mouth of the savior came all the answers to lifeís many problems. The music of his heavenly words stirred the heart of the soldier to ecstasy. There was no more death facing him. Only the growing presence of an eternal life in the Spirit flooded his awakened consciousness. The soldier had lost his fear of death with the compassionate savior in front of him. The savior made the soldier realize that he was greater than his mortal body. The words of wisdom told of a goal that all of mankind would reach. All souls were sparks from a central sun, and freedom was the destiny of those that followed the light. A strange music flooded the being of the soldier. All the hairs of his body stood on end and profuse tears began to be shed. He was no more a struggler involved in the net of lifeís desires. He was free from desire and only longed to feel the bliss that radiated inside his heart.

    This was not the first person in need that the savior had rescued. It was merely his proclaimed duty to free all those who came to him from the bondage of suffering. This was the mission that would set men free. He saw beyond the cloudy day into the golden future. But he needed an instrument to accomplish his play in this world. He told the soldier that long after the battle had ended, all of mankind would remember their talk that day. Time had stood still and by the power of the saviorís will, both men had become invisible to all those mortals trapped on the battlefield of life. This was the day when the realm of eternity fused with the world of mortality. Such was the power of the words that the savior spoke. His words never died. They grew throughout the ages. Even today they are heard by those who seek the way to become liberated from lifeís net of desires. The words of the savior are immortal because they embody his consciousness.

    The soldier felt heaven while still on earth. He realized the source of his freedom. He knew what he would have to do this day. He was prepared to sacrifice his ego so that the Universal Will could prevail. He looked into the eyes of the savior and saw countless worlds expanding into infinity. He saw the past, present, and future in the cosmic body of the savior. There was no difference between friend and enemy because the spark of divinity flowed through their soul. This was the day that the warrior had never dared to dream, and yet it came to pass by the grace of the loving savior. Everything now fit into its proper place. The soldier embraced the savior and bowed to him. Then they both walked back to their positions in the battlefield. Their conversation seemed to last for an eternity, but none of the other people could comprehend what they said. For a brief moment in eternity, heaven manifested upon earth and the world stood still. But now was the time for action. Although the warrior was the chief actor in the battle, yet it was the calm compassionate friend that guided his every move. They were a team in the past and would so remain again this day. The soldier had nothing to fear with his savior by his side. Thus they advanced together into the battlefield of life. That day is eternal when the Supreme Lord manifests his will on earth. That is the day when the Supreme Lord Krishna speaks the Bhagavad Gita to the human soul in the form of Arjuna. The message of the Bhagavad Gita is eternal because the Supreme Lord Krishna radiates in the soul of every human being on earth that will turn toward the light.