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The definition of astrology is the study of how the position and path of the sun, moon, and stars have a bearing on our lives. A horoscope based on where celestial bodies were on the day you were born is an example of astrology. A horoscope or natal chart is an astrological chart or diagram representing the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, astrological aspects, and sensitive angles at the time of an event, such as the moment of a person's birth. in Vedic astrology this chart is referred as janamKundli or janam patri.

A 80% accuracy in this art is considered great. Thus tell us even if we were wrong !! The astrology principles given by our ancient seers may be 100% true but astrologers have limitations & are only 80-90% accurate. Use astrology as an additional guide but don’t ever totally depend on predictions.

Computer matching for selection of bride and groom:

Before computer matching of 36 Gunas in the following eight categories, make sure you are familiar with bride/groom's health, education, personality, character, family background, financial situation, temperament etc. then computer matching will be more meaningful and accurate, vecause Jyotish science is very complex.

Category Name Max. Points Explanation
1 varna 1 4 varna (types), temperament,
2 vashya 2 attraction/affection
3 taaraa 3 health, longivity, well being
4 yoni 4 sexual and bio-compatible,
5 rashi 5 appearance, intellect/spiritual, nature
6 gana 6 temperament, vashya+ yoni = gana (VVI)
7 bhakut 7 family, children, socio-economic
8 naadi 8 duration of married life, hormonal, blood types, Gotra,

Total points = 36

Minimum acceptable points for a good match = 18 to 20