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XI g=3DIt=3D=3D c=3D=3DlIs=3D=3D

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ant=3Dr=3D*{!MIy=3D g=3DIt=3D=3D s=3D=3Des=3D=3Dy= =3D!I






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XI g=3DIt=3D=3D c=3D=3DlIs=3D=3D








an= t=3Dr=3D*{!MIy=3D g=3DIt=3D=3D s=3D=3Des=3D=3Dy=3D!I ke: lZy=3D a=3DEr W2exy=3D

â. XIm=3Dd< B=3Dg=3Dv=3Dd<g=3DIt=3D=3D k:I m=3DUl as=3D= =3Dmp=3D>d=3Diy=3Dk: s=3D=3Dv=3D*B=3D=3DEim=3Dk: ix=3DZ=3D=3D k:=3D s=3Dhj=3D-s=3Drl B=3D=3D{=3D= =3D m=3De] an=3Duv=3D=3Dd t=3Dq=3D=3D p=3D>k:=3Dx=3Dn=3D 8=3Dr=3D n=3D=3Dm=3Dm=3D=3DF=3D s=3Dhy=3D=3Deg=3D-r=3Dix=3D-m=3DUDy=3D p=3D= r iv=3Dt=3Dr[=3D k:rn=3D=3D. g=3DIt=3D=3D k:=3D p=3Dust=3Dk:=3DD=3Dy=3D=3De], asp=3Dt=3D=3DD=3D=3De], h=3De!D=3D=3De], m=3D= =3De!D=3D=3De] t=3Dq=3D=3D any=3D s=3D=3Dv=3D*j=3Din=3Dk: sq=3D=3Dn=3D=3De] m=3De] iv=3Dt=3Dr[=3D k:rn=3D=3D, j=3DEs=3D=3D ik: am=3De= irk:n=3D b=3D=3Dwib=3DD=3D s=3D=3Des=3D=3Dy=3D!I iv=3Dxv=3DB=3Dr m=3De] b=3D=3Dwib=3DD=3D k:=3D p=3D>c=3D=3Dr-p=3D>s= =3D=3Dr k:rt=3DI hE.

ä. dex=3D-dex=3D m=3De] s=3D=3Des=3D=3Dy=3D!I k:I x=3D=3DK=3D= =3Da=3De] k:I sq=3D=3Dp=3Dn=3D=3D k:rn=3D=3D.

à. g=3DIt=3D=3D-aQy=3Dy=3Dn=3D a=3DEr s=3Dts=3D]g=3D s=3DB=3D= =3Da=3De] k:I sq=3D=3Dp=3Dn=3D=3D m=3De] s=3Dhy=3D=3Deg=3D a=3DEr m=3D=3Dg=3D*dx=3D*n=3D den=3D=3D t=3Dq=3D=3D y=3Du= v=3D=3D, %=3DF=3D-v=3Dg=3D* a=3DEr vy=3Dst=3D vy=3D=3Dv=3Ds=3D=3Diy=3Dk: p=3D>x=3D=3Ds=3Dk:=3De] Av=3D] any=3D oic=3D = rK=3Dn=3Dev=3D=3DD=3D=3De] m=3De] g=3DIt=3D=3D k:=3D p=3DF=3D=3Dc=3D=3Dr 8=3Dr=3D in=3D/x=3DuDk: p=3D>ix=3DZ=3D[=3D k:rn=3D=3D.

å. v=3DEidk: N=3Dn=3D ke: aQy=3Dy=3Dn=3D a=3DEr p=3D>s=3D= =3Dr m=3De] j=3Du!e any=3D vy=3Dikt=3Dy=3D=3De] t=3Dq=3D=3D D=3D=3DB=3D-in=3Drp=3DeZ=3D s=3D]sq=3D=3Da= =3De] k:=3De p=3D>er[=3D=3D, s=3Dhy=3D=3Deg=3D a=3DEr s=3Dh=3Dy=3Dt=3D=3D den=3D=3D t=3Dq=3D=3D a=3DQy=3D=3Ditm=3Dk:, t=3DTv=3DN= =3Dn=3D, Qy=3D=3Dn=3Dy=3D=3Deg=3D a=3Did p=3Dr vy=3D=3DKy=3D=3Dn=3D=3De], p=3Dirs=3D]v=3D=3Dd=3De] a=3DEr s=3D]iZ=3Dpt=3D p=3D=3D@<y=3Dk>:m=3D= =3De] k:I vy=3Dv=3Dsq=3D=3D k:rn=3D=3D.

ç. v=3Ded=3De], Wp=3Din=3D{=3Dd=3De], g=3DIt=3D=3D, r=3Dm=3D= =3Dy=3D[=3D t=3Dq=3D=3D iv=3Dxv=3D ke: any=3D p=3D>m=3DuK=3D Q=3Dm=3D*g=3D>nq=3D=3De] k:I x=3D=3Dxv=3Dt=3D as=3D=3D= mp=3D>d=3Diy=3Dk: ix=3DZ=3D=3D ke: m=3D=3DQy=3Dm=3D s=3De iv=3DiB=3Dá Q=3Dm=3D=3De*] ke: b=3DIc=3D k:I = K=3D=3Dw* k:=3De p=3D=3D!n=3D=3D t=3Dq=3D=3D s=3Db=3D v=3D[=3D=3De*], j=3D=3Dit=3Dy=3D=3De], Q=3Dm=3D=3De*] a=3DEr v=3Dg= =3D=3De*] m=3De] Ak:t=3D=3D p=3DEd=3D k:rn=3D=3D Av=3D] m=3D=3Dn=3Dv=3D j=3D=3Dit=3D m=3De] iv=3Dxv=3Db=3DnQ=3Dutv=3D k:I B= =3D=3Dv=3Dn=3D=3D k:=3D p=3D>s=3D=3Dr k:rn=3D=3D.               =  “g=3DIt=3D=3D p=3D$ª=3De, a=3Dg=3De b=3D$ª=3De

 <= /p>

leK=3Dk: ke: b=3D=3Dre m=3De]_

 <= /o:p>

      #=3Dk!r r= =3Dm=3D=3Dn=3Dnd p=3D>s=3D=3Dd s=3D=3Dn=3Df>:=3Dins=3Ds=3Dsk:=3De K=3D=3D#ªI Z=3D= eF=3D ke: an=3Dek: j=3Dn=3Ds=3Dev=3DI s=3D]sq=3D=3Dn=3D=3De] ke: p=3D>sq=3D=3Dp=3Dk: s=3Ddsy=3D hE]. Wnh=3De] = n=3De am=3Deirk:n=3D/ ant=3Dr=3D*{!MIy=3D g=3DIt=3D=3D s=3D=3Des=3D=3Dy=3D!I k:I sq=3D=3Dp=3Dn=3D=3D k:I hE, ij=3Ds= =3Dk:=3D W2exy=3D XIm=3Dd<B=3Dg=3Dv=3Dd<g=3DIt=3D=3D t=3Dq=3D=3D any=3D ihndU Q=3D=3Dim= =3D*k: g=3D>nq=3D=3De] ke: m=3D=3DQy=3Dm=3D s=3De m=3D=3Dn=3Dv=3Dt=3D=3D k:I s=3Dev=3D=3D k:rn=3D=3D a=3DEr m=3Dh=3Dn= =3D< m=3Dn=3DIi{=3Dy=3D=3De] t=3Dq=3D=3D iv=3Dxv=3D ke: any=3D p=3D>m=3DuK=3D Q=3D=3Dim=3D*k: g=3D>nq=3D=3De] ke: m=3D=3DQy= =3Dm=3D s=3De s=3D]s=3D=3Dr k:I s=3DB=3DI s=3D]sk&:it=3Dy=3D=3De], j=3D=3Dit=3Dy=3D=3De], Q=3Dm=3D=3De*] t=3Dq=3D= =3D m=3Dt=3D=3De] ke: b=3DIc=3D Ak:t=3D=3D sq=3D=3Dip=3Dt=3D k:rn=3D=3D hE.  

      w]i#y=3Dn=3D w]s!Icy=3DU! a=3D= |f: !Ek:n=3D=3Del=3Dej=3DI, K=3D#ªg=3Dp=3Dur s=3De sn=3D=3Dt=3Dk: Wp=3D=3D= iQ=3D p=3D>=3Dpt=3D k:rn=3De ke: b=3D=3Dd Wnh=3De] n=3De y=3DUin=3Dv=3Dis=3D*!I a=3D|f: !=3Der=3D[!=3De s=3De Am=3D.A= s=3D. k:I Wp=3D=3DiQ=3D p=3D>=3Dpt=3D k:I a=3DEr y=3DUin=3Dv=3Dis=3D*!I a=3D|f: wlIn=3D=3D\y=3D s=3De is=3Div=3Dl= w]j=3DIin=3Dy=3Dir]g=3D m=3De] p=3DI.Ac=3D.#I. k:I. #=3Dk!r p=3D>s=3D=3Dd r=3Djy=3D a=3DEr ke:nd> k:= I s=3Drk:=3Dr=3De] m=3De] k:=3Dy=3D*rt=3D rhn=3De ke: s=3D=3Dq=3D s=3D=3Dq=3D aQy=3D=3Dp=3Dk:, x=3D= =3DeQ=3Dk:t=3D=3D* a=3DEr s=3Dl=3Dhk:=3Dr ke: Op=3D m=3De] B=3DI k:=3Dm=3D k:rt=3De rhe hE].


(dEin=3Dk: p=3D=3D@ ke: ilA)

v=3Ds=3Dudev=3D= s=3Dut=3D] dev=3D],  k]:s=3Dc=3D=3D[=3DUr= m=3Dd*n=3Dm=3D< +

dev=3Dk:0p=3Drm= =3D=3Dn=3Dnd],  k&:{[=3D] v=3Dnde j=3Dg=3Dd<= ;g=3Duom=3D< ++â++

m=3DUk]: k:r=3D= eit=3D v=3D=3Dc=3D=3DD=3D],  p=3DV<= ;g=3Du] D=3DV<G=3Dy=3Dt=3De ig=3Dirm=3D< +

y= =3Dtk&:p=3D=3D t=3Dm=3Dh] v=3Dnde,  p=3Drm=3D=3Dn=3Dndm=3D=3DQ=3Dv=3Dm=3D< ++ä++

Q=3D&t=3Dr=3D{!M Wv=3D=3Dc=3D _        =        

Q=3Dm=3D*Z=3DeF=3De ku:oZ=3DeF=3De, s=3Dm= =3Dv=3Det=3D=3D y=3Duy=3Duts=3Dv=3D/ +

m=3D=3Dm=3Dk:=3D/ p=3D=3D[#v=3D=3Dxc=3DEv=3D, ik:m=3D< aku:v=3D*t=3D s=3D]j=3Dy=3D  ++â.îâ++

Q=3D&a= mp;t=3Dr=3D{!M b=3D=3Dele _ he s=3D]j=3Dy=3D, Q=3Dm=3D*B=3DUim=3D ku:oZ=3DeF=3D m=3De] Ak:= F=3D huA y=3Du3 ke: wc%uk: m=3Dere a=3DEr p=3D=3D[#u ke: p=3DuF=3D=3De] n=3De ky=3D=3D-ky=3D=3D ik:y=3D=3D? (&= acirc;.îâ)  

The King inquired: Sanjaya, please, now tell me in deta= il, what did my people (the Kauravas) and the Pandavas do in the battlefield be= fore the war started? (1.01)

s=3D]j=3Dy=3D Wv=3D=3Dc=3D _

t=3D] t=3Dq=3D=3D k&:p=3Dy=3D=3Div=3D{!m=3D< , aXuup=3DU[=3D=3D*ku:D=3DeZ= =3D[=3Dm=3D< +

iv=3D{=3DIdnt=3Dm=3D< wd] v=3D=3Dky=3Dm=3D< , Wv=3D=3Dc=3D m=3DQ=3Dus=3DUdn=3D/ ++ä.&icir= c;â++

s=3D]j=3Dy=3D b=3D=3DeD=3De_ ws=3D t=3Drh k:o[=3D=3D s= =3De vy=3D=3Dpt=3D, a=3D]s=3DU B=3Dre, vy=3D=3Dku:D=3D n=3DeF=3D=3De] v=3D=3DD=3De, x=3D=3Dek:y=3Dukt=3D aj=3Du*n= =3D s=3De B=3Dg=3Dv=3D=3Dn=3D< XIk&:{[=3D n=3De k:h=3D. (ä.îâ)

Sanjaya said: Lord Krishna<= /st1:PersonName> spoke these words to Arjuna whose eyes were tearful and downcast and who was overwhelmed with compas­sion and despair. (2.01)

XIB=3Dg=3Dv=3D=3Dn=3Duv=3D=3Dc=3D _

ax=3D=3Decy=3D=3Dn=3D< anv=3Dx=3D=3Dec= =3Ds=3D< tv=3D]], p=3D>N=3Dv=3D=3Dd=3D]xc=3D B=3D=3D{=3Ds=3De +

g=3Dt=3D=3Ds=3DUn=3D< ag=3Dt=3D=3Ds=3DU]= xc=3D, n=3D=3Dn=3Dux=3D=3Dec=3Dònt=3D p=3Dò[#t=3D=3D/ ++ä.&acir= c;â++

XIB=3Dg=3Dv=3D=3Dn=3D< b=3D=3Dele _ he aj=3D*un=3D, = t=3DU N=3Din=3Dy=3D=3De] k:I t=3Drh b=3D=3Dt=3De] k:rt=3De h=3De, leik:n=3D ij=3Dn=3Dke: ilA x=3D=3Dek: = n=3DhI] k:rn=3D=3D c=3D=3DihA, Wn=3Dke: ilA x=3D=3Dek: k:rt=3De h=3De. N=3Dn=3DI m=3D&t=3D y=3D=3D j= =3DIiv=3Dt=3D ik:s=3DI ke: ilA B=3DI x=3D=3Dek: n=3DhI] k:rt=3De. (ä.ââ)

Lord Krishna said: You grieve for those who are not worthy of grief and yet speak words = of wisdom. The wise grieve neither for the living nor for the dead. (2.11)


deeihn=3D=3DeCòsm=3Dn=3D< y=3Dq= =3D=3D dehe, k:=3DEm=3D=3Dr] y=3D=3DEv=3Dn=3D] j=3Dr=3D +

t=3Dq=3D=3D deh=3Dnt=3Drp=3D>=3Dò= pt=3Dr< , Q=3DIrs=3D< t=3DF=3D n=3D m=3DuÄit=3D ++ä.âà++

j=3DEs=3De ws=3DI j=3DIv=3Dn=3D m=3De]e] j=3DIv=3D=3Dtm= =3D=3D b=3D=3Dl, y=3Duv=3D=3D, a=3DEr v=3D&3 x=3DrIr p=3D>=3Dpt=3D k:rt=3D=3D hE, v=3DEs=3De hI j=3DIv=3D= =3Dtm=3D=3D m=3D&ty=3Du ke: b=3D=3Dd dUs=3Dr=3D x=3DrIr p=3D>=3Dpt=3D k:rt=3D=3D hE. ws=3DilA Q=3DIr p=3Duo{= =3D k:=3De m=3D&ty=3Du s=3De G=3Db=3Dr=3Dn=3D=3D n=3DhI] c=3D=3DihA. (ä.âà)=

Just as the soul acquires a childhood body, a youth body, and an old-age body during this life, similarly, the so= ul acquires another body after death. This should not delude the wise. (See al= so 15.08) (2.13)


v=3D=3Ds=3D=3D]òs=3D j=3DI[=3D=3D*in= =3D y=3Dq=3D=3D iv=3Dh=3Dy=3D,

n=3Dv=3D=3Din=3D g=3D&h<[=3D=3Dit=3D n=3Dr=3DeCp=3Dr=3Dò[=3D +

t=3Dq=3D=3D x=3DrIr=3Dò[=3D iv=3Dh= =3Dy=3D j=3DI[=3D=3D*ny=3D< ,

any=3D=3Din=3D s=3D]y=3D=3Dit=3D n=3Dv=3D=3Din=3D dehI ++ä.ää++<= /span>

j=3DEs=3De m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D p=3Dur=3Dn=3De v=3DsF=3D=3De]= k:=3De Wt=3D=3Dr k:r dUs=3Dre n=3Dy=3De v=3DsF=3D Q=3D=3Dr[=3D k:rt=3D=3D hE, v=3DEs=3De hI j=3DIv=3D=3Dt= m=3D=3D m=3D&ty=3Du ke: b=3D=3Dd p=3Dur=3Dn=3De x=3DrIr k:=3De ty=3D=3Dg=3D k:r n=3Dy=3D=3D x=3DrIr p=3D>= =3Dpt=3D k:rt=3D=3D hE. (ä.ää)

Just as a pe= rson puts on new garments after discarding the old ones, similarly, the living entity or the individual soul acquires other new bodies after casting away = the old bodies. (2.22)

s=3DuK=3DduK=3De s=3Dm=3De k&:tv=3D=3D,= l=3DB=3D=3Dl=3DB=3D=3DE j=3Dy=3D=3Dj=3Dy=3D=3DE +

t=3Dt=3D=3De y=3Du3=3Dy=3D y=3Dujy=3Dsv=3D,= n=3DEv=3D] p=3D=3Dp=3Dm=3D< av=3D=3Dpsy=3Dòs=3D ++ä.àè++

s=3DuK=3D-duK=3D, l=3DB=3D-h=3D9n=3D, a=3DEr j=3DIt=3D-h=3Dr k:I ic= =3Dnt=3D=3D n=3D k:rke: m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D k:=3De ap=3Dn=3DI x=3Dikt=3D ke: an=3Dus=3D=3Dr k:t=3D*vy=3D k:m=3D* k:rn= =3D=3D c=3D=3DihA. Aes=3De B=3D=3Dv=3D s=3De k:m=3D* k:rn=3De p=3Dr m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D k:=3Dee p=3D=3Dp=3D n=3DhI] lg=3Dt=3D= =3D. (ä.àè)

Treating pleasure and pain, gain and loss, and victory = and defeat alike, en­gage yourself in your duty. By doing your duty this wa= y, you will not incur any sin. (2.38)



k:m=3D*[y=3Dev=3D=3DiQ=3Dk:=3Drst=3De, m=3D= =3D f:le{=3Du k:d=3Dc=3Dn=3D +

m=3D=3D k:m=3D*f:lhet=3Dur< B=3DUr< ,= m=3D=3D t=3De s=3DV<g=3D=3DeCstv=3D< ak:m=3D*ò[=3D ++ä.åë++<= o:p>

ke:v=3DD=3D k:m=3D* k:rn=3D=3D hI m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D ke: v= =3Dx=3D m=3De] hE, k:m=3D*f:D=3D n=3DhI]. ws=3DiD=3DA t=3Dum=3D k:m=3D*f:D=3D k:I a=3Ds=3Dikt= =3D m=3De] n=3D f:|}s=3D=3De, t=3Dq=3D=3D ap=3Dn=3De k:m=3D* k:=3D ty=3D=3Dg=3D B=3DI n=3D k:r=3De. (ä.å&e= uml;)

You have control over doing your respective duty only, = but no control or claim over the results. To enjoy the fruits of work should no= t be your motive, and you should never be inactive. (2.47)


b=3Dui3y=3Dukt=3D=3De j=3Dh=3Dt=3DIh, WB=3De s=3Duk&:t=3Ddu{k&:t=3De +

t=3Dsm=3D=3Dd< y=3D=3Deg=3D=3Dy=3D y=3Du= jy=3Dsv=3D, y=3D=3Deg=3D/ k:m=3D*s=3Du k:=3DEx=3Dlm=3D< ++ä.çî++

k:m=3D*f:l k:I a=3Ds=3Dikt=3D ty=3D=3Dg=3D k:r k:= =3Dm=3D k:rn=3De v=3D=3Dl=3D in=3D{k:=3Dm=3D k:m=3D*y=3D=3Deg=3DI ws=3DI j=3DIv=3Dn=3D m=3De] p=3D=3Dp= =3D a=3DEr p=3Du[y=3D s=3De m=3Dukt=3D h=3De j=3D=3Dt=3D=3D hE, ws=3DilA t=3DU in=3D{k:=3Dm=3D k:m=3D*y=3D=3Deg=3DI b=3D= n=3D. in=3D{k:=3Dm=3D k:m=3D*y=3D= =3Deg=3D k:=3De hI ku:x=3Dlt=3D=3D p=3DUv=3D*k: k:m=3D* k:rn=3D=3D k:ht=3De hE]. (ä.&cced= il;î)

A KarmaYogi or the selfless person becomes free from bo= th vice and virtue in this life itself. Therefore, strive for selfless service. Working to the best of one’s abili­ties without becoming attached to the fruits of work is called KarmaYoga= or Seva. (2.50)


wòn7y=3D=3D[=3D=3D] ih c=3Drt=3D=3D]= , y=3Dn=3D< m=3Dn=3D=3DeCn=3Duiv=3DQ=3DIy=3Dt=3De +

t=3Ddsy=3D hrit=3D p=3D>N=3D], v=3D=3Dy= =3Dur< n=3D=3Dv=3Dm=3D< wv=3D=3DmB=3Dòs=3D ++ä.êë++

j=3DEs=3De j=3Dl m=3De] t=3DErt=3DI n=3D=3Dv=3D k:=3De = t=3DUf:=3Dn=3D Ws=3De ap=3Dn=3De lZy=3D s=3De dUr $ªke:l det=3D=3D hE, v=3DEs=3De hI wind>y=3D s=3Du= K=3D m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D k:I b=3Dui3 k:=3De g=3Dlt=3D r=3Dst=3De k:I a=3Der le j=3D=3Dt=3D=3D hE. (ä.êë)

The mind, when controlled by the roving senses, steals = away the intellect as a storm takes away a boat on the sea from its destination = ¾ the spiri­tual shore of peace and happiness. (2.67= )


p=3D>k&:t=3De/ ik>:y=3Dm=3D=3D[=3D=3Din=3D, g=3Du[=3DE/ k:m=3D=3D*i[=3D s=3Dv=3D*x=3D/ = +

ah]k:=3Driv=3Dm=3DU$=3Dtm=3D=3D, k:t=3D=3D*hm=3D< wit=3D m=3Dny=3Dt=3De ++à.äë++

v=3D= =3Dst=3Dv=3D m=3De] s=3D]s=3D=3Dr ke: s=3D=3Dre k:=3Dy=3D* p=3D>k&:it=3D m=3D=3D] ke: g= =3Du[=3DOp=3DI p=3Drm=3Dexv=3Dr k:I x=3Dikt=3D ke: 8=3Dr=3D ik:A j=3D=3Dt=3De hE], p=3Drnt=3Du aN=3Dn=3Dv=3Dx= =3D m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D ap=3Dn=3De a=3Dp=3Dk:=3De k:t=3D=3D* s=3Dm=3Dz=3D let=3D=3D hE, t=3Dq=3D=3D k:m=3D*f:l ke: b=3D]Q=3Dn= =3D=3De] s=3De b=3D]Q=3D j=3D=3Dt=3D=3D hE. m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D t=3D=3De p=3Drm=3D x=3Dikt=3D ke: h=3Dq=3D k:I ke:v=3Dl Ak: = k:@p=3Dut=3DlI m=3D=3DF=3D hE. (à.äë)

All actions are performed by the forces (or Gunas) of Nature, but due to delusion of ego or ignorance, people assume themselves t= o be the doer. (See also 5.09, 13.29, and 14.19) (3.27)


Av=3D] b=3Du3e/ p=3Dr] b=3Dud<Qv=3D=3D, s=3D]st=3DBy=3D=3Dtm=3D=3Dn=3Dm=3D< = a=3Dtm=3Dn=3D=3D +

j=3Dih x=3DF=3Du] m=3Dh=3Db=3D=3Dh=3Dee, k:=3Dm=3DOp=3D] dur=3Ds=3Ddm=3D< ++&ag= rave;.åà++

a=3Dtm=3D=3D k:=3De m=3Dn=3D a=3DEr b=3Dui3 s=3De Xe{@ = j=3D=3Dn=3Dk:r, (s=3Dev=3D=3D, Qy=3D=3Dn=3D, p=3DUj=3Dn=3D, a=3Did s=3De ik:A huA x=3Du3) b=3Dui3 8=3Dr=3D= m=3Dn=3D k:=3De v=3Dx=3D m=3De] k:rke:, he m=3Dh=3Db=3D=3Dh=3De, t=3Dum=3D ws=3D duj=3D*y=3D k:=3Dm=3DOp=3DI x=3DF= =3Du k:=3D iv=3Dn=3D=3Dx=3D k:r=3De. (à.åà)

Thus, knowing the Self to be the highest, and controlli= ng the mind by the intellect (that is purified and made strong by Self-knowled= ge), one must kill this mighty enemy, lust (with the sword of true knowledge of = the Self), O Arjuna. (See also KaU 1.03.03-04) (3.43)

y=3Dd=3D y=3Dd=3D ih Q=3Dm=3D*sy=3D, gl=3Din=3Dr< B=3Dv=3Dit=3D B=3D=3Drt=3D +

aBy=3Dutq=3D=3Dn=3Dm=3D< aQ=3Dm=3D*sy=3D, t=3Dd=3Dtm=3D=3Dn=3D] s=3D&j=3D=3Dmy=3Dhm=3D< ++&ar= ing;.îë++

he aj=3D*un=3D, j=3Db=3D-j=3Db=3D s=3D]s=3D=3Dr m=3De] = Q=3Dm=3D* k:I h=3D9n=3D a=3DEr aQ=3Dm=3D* k:I v=3D&i3 h=3Det=3DI hE, t=3Db=3D- t=3Db=3D m=3DE], p=3Drb= =3D>É p=3Drm=3D=3Dtm=3D=3D, p=3D>k:! h=3Det=3D=3D hU|}. (å.îë)

Whenever there is a decline of Dharma (Righteousness) a= nd a predominance of Adharma (Unrighteousness), O Arjuna, I manifest Myself. I a= ppear from time to time for protecting the good, for transforming the wicked, and= for es­tablishing world order (Dharma). (4.07-08)

c=3D=3Dt=3Duv=3D*[y=3D*] m=3D= y=3D=3D s=3D&{!], g=3Du[=3Dk:m=3D*iv=3DB=3D=3Dg=3Dx=3D/ +

t=3Dsy=3D k:t=3D=3D*rm=3D<= aip=3D m=3D=3D], iv=3D3Y< ak:t=3D=3D*rm=3D< avy=3Dy=3Dm=3D< ++å.â&agrav= e;++

m=3Dere 8=3Dr=3D hI c=3D=3Dr=3De v=3D[=3D* ap=3Dn=3De-a= p=3Dn=3De g=3Du[=3D, sv=3DB=3D=3Dv=3D, a=3DEr oic=3D an=3Dus=3D=3Dr b=3Dn=3D=3DA g=3DA hE]. s=3D&i{! ke: rc=3D= n=3D=3D a=3Did k:m=3D* ke: k:t=3D=3D* h=3Den=3Dep=3Dr B=3DI m=3Duz=3D p=3Drm=3Dexv=3Dr k:=3De aiv=3Dn=3D=3Dx=3DI = t=3Dq=3D=3D ak:t=3D=3D* hI j=3D=3Dn=3Dn=3D=3D c=3D=3DihA, ky=3D=3De]ik: p=3D>k&:it=3D ke: g=3Du[=3D hI s=3D]s=3D= =3Dr c=3Dl=3D rhe hE]. (å.âà)

I created the four divisions of human society based on aptitude and vocation. Though I am the author of this system of division of labor, one should know that I do nothing (directly), and I am eternal. (See also 18.41) (4.13)

k:m=3D*[y=3D< ak:m=3D* y=3D/ p=3Dxy=3Ded< , ak:m=3D*i[=3D c=3D k:m=3D* y=3D/ +

s=3D b=3Dui3m=3D=3Dn=3D< m=3Dn=3Du{y=3De{=3Du , s=3D y=3Dukt=3D/ k&:tsn= =3Dk:m=3D*k&:t=3D< ++å.âè++

j=3D=3De m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D k:m=3D* m=3De] ak:m=3D* t=3Dq= =3D=3D ak:m=3D* m=3De] k:m=3D* deK=3Dt=3D=3D hE v=3DhI N=3Dn=3DI, y=3D=3Deg=3DI, t=3Dq=3D=3D s=3Dm=3Dst=3D= k:m=3D=3De*]e*] k:=3D k:rn=3De v=3D=3Dl=3D hE. ap=3Dn=3De k:=3De k:t=3D=3D* n=3DhI] m=3D=3Dn=3D k:r p=3D>k&:it=3D k= e: g=3Du[=3D=3De] k:=3De hI k:t=3D=3D* m=3D=3Dn=3Dn=3D=3D k:m=3D* m=3De] ak:m=3D* t=3Dq=3D=3D ak:m=3D* m=3De] k:m= =3D* deK=3Dn=3D=3D k:hl=3Dt=3D=3D hE. (å.âè)

One who sees inaction in action and action in inaction,= is a wise person. Such a person i= s a yogi and has accomplished everything. (See also 3.05, 3.27, 5.08 and 13.29) (4.18)


b=3D>É=3Dp=3D*[=3D] b=3D>&Eacu= te; hiv=3Dr< , b=3D>É=3Dgn=3D=3DE b=3D>É[=3D=3D hut=3Dm=3D< +

b=3D>ÉEv=3D t=3Den=3D g=3Dnt=3Dvy= =3D], b=3D>Ék:m=3D*s=3Dm=3D=3DiQ=3Dn=3D=3D ++å.äå++

y=3DN = k:=3D ap=3D*[=3D, G=3DI, aign=3D, t=3Dq=3D=3D a=3Dhuit=3D den=3Dev=3D=3Dl=3D s=3D= B=3DI p=3Drb=3D>É p=3Drm=3D=3Dtm=3D=3D hI heeeeeE. ws=3D t=3Drh j=3D=3De s=3Db=3D ku:% p=3Drm=3D=3Dtm=3D=3D sv=3DO= p=3D deK=3Dt=3D=3D hE, v=3Dh p=3Drm=3D=3Dtm=3D=3D k:=3De p=3D>=3Dpt=3D h=3Det=3D=3D hE. (å.äå) =

The divine Spirit (Brahma or Eternal Being) has become everything. Divinity (Brahma, Self or Spirit) shall be real­ized by one= who considers everything as a manifestation (or an act) of Brahma. (Also see 9.= 16) (4.24)


n=3D ih N=3Dn=3Den=3D s=3Dd&x=3D], p=3D= iv=3DF=3Dm=3D< wh iv=3D6t=3De +

t=3Dt=3D< sv=3Dy=3D] y=3D=3Deg=3Ds=3D]òs=3D3/, k:=3Dlen=3D=3Dtm=3Din=3D iv=3Dn= dit=3D ++å.àè++

k:m=3D= *y=3D=3Deg=3D m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D ke: ic=3DT=3D a=3DEr b=3Dui3 k:=3De x=3Du3 k:rke: Ws=3Dke: s= =3DB=3DI k:m=3D=3De*] k:=3De p=3Div=3DF=3D k:r det=3D=3D hE. @Ik: s=3Dm=3Dy=3D a=3Dn=3De p= =3Dr x=3Du3 b=3Dui3 8=3Dr=3D y=3D=3Deg=3DI w*xv=3Dr k:=3D dx=3D*n=3D k:rt=3D=3D hE. (å.&a= grave;è)

Truly, there is no purifier in this world like the true knowledge of the Supreme Being. One discovers this knowledge within, natura= lly, in course of time (when one's mind is cleansed of selfishness by KarmaYoga). (4.38)


s=3D]ny=3D=3Ds=3Ds=3D< t=3Du m=3Dh=3Db= =3D=3Dh=3De, duK=3Dm=3D< a=3Dpt=3Dum=3D< ay=3D=3Deg=3Dt=3D/ +

y=3D=3Deg=3Dy=3Dukt=3D=3De m=3Duin=3Dr< = b=3D>É, n=3Dic=3Dre[=3D=3DiQ=3Dg=3Dc%it=3D ++ç.îê++

he aj=3D*un=3D, k:m=3D*y=3D=3Deg=3D k:I in=3D/sv=3D=3Dq= =3D* s=3Dev=3D=3D ke: ib=3Dn=3D=3D x=3Du3 s=3D]ny=3D=3Ds=3D-B=3D=3Dv=3D, aq=3D=3D*t=3D s=3Dmp=3DU[=3D* k:m=3D= =3De]]]** m=3De] k:t=3D=3D*p=3Dn=3D k:=3D ty=3D=3Dg=3D, p=3D>=3Dpt=3D h=3Den=3D=3D k:i@n=3D hE. in=3D{k:=3Dm=3D k:m=3D*y=3D=3Deg= =3DI x=3DIG=3D> hI p=3Drb=3D>É p=3Drm=3D=3Dtm=3D=3D k:=3De p=3D>=3Dpt=3D k:rt=3D= =3D hE. (ç.îê)

But true renunciation (the renunciation of doership and ownership), O Arjuna, is difficult to attain without KarmaYoga. A sage equi= pped with KarmaYoga quickly attains Nirvana. (See also 4.31, 4.38, 5.08) (5.06)<= o:p>


b=3D>É[y=3D< a=3DQ=3D=3Dy=3D k= :m=3D=3D*i[=3D, s=3DV<g=3D] ty=3Dktv=3D=3D k:r=3Deit=3D y=3D/ +

òlpy=3Dt=3De n=3D s=3D p=3D=3Dp=3Den= =3D, p=3D5p=3DF=3Dm=3D< wv=3D=3DmB=3Ds=3D=3D ++ç.âî++

j=3D=3De m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D k:m=3D*f:l m=3De] l=3DeB=3D a= =3DEr a=3Ds=3Dikt=3D ty=3D=3Dg=3Dk:r, s=3DB=3DI k:m=3D=3De*] k:=3De p=3Drm=3D=3Dtm=3D=3D m=3De] ap=3D*[=3D k:rt= =3D=3D hE, v=3Dh k:m=3Dl ke: p=3DT=3De k:I t=3Drh p=3D=3Dp=3DOp=3DI j=3Dl s=3De k:B=3DI ilpt=3D n=3DhI] h=3Det=3D=3D. = (ç.âî)

One who does all work as an offering to God — aba= ndoning attachment to results — remains untouched by Karmic re= action or sin, just as a lo­tus leaf never gets wet by water. (5.10)


y=3D=3De m=3D=3D] p=3Dxy=3Dit=3D s=3Dv=3D*F=3D, s=3Dv=3D*] c=3D m=3Diy=3D p=3Dxy=3Di= t=3D +

t=3Dsy=3D=3Dh] n=3D p=3D>[=3Dxy=3D=3Dim= =3D, s=3D c=3D m=3De n=3D p=3D>[=3Dxy=3Dit=3D ++ê.àî++

j=3D=3De m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D s=3Db=3D j=3Dg=3Dh t=3Dq=3D=3D = s=3Db=3D m=3De] m=3Duz=3D p=3Drb=3D>É p=3Drm=3D=3Dtm=3D=3D k:=3De hI deK=3Dt=3D=3D hE, a=3D= Er s=3Db=3Dk:=3De m=3Duz=3D m=3De] hI deK=3Dt=3D=3D hE, m=3DE] Ws=3Ds=3De alg=3D n=3DhI] rht=3D=3D t=3Dq=3D=3D v= =3Dh B=3DI m=3Duz=3D s=3De dUr n=3DhI] h=3Det=3D=3D. (ê.àî)

One who sees Me everywhere (and in everything), and beh= olds everything in Me, is not separated from Me, and I am not separated from him. (6.30)



c=3Dt=3Duiv=3D*Q=3D=3D B=3Dj=3Dnt=3De m=3D= =3D], j=3Dn=3D=3D/ s=3Duk&:it=3Dn=3D=3DeCj=3D*un=3D +

a=3Dt=3D=3De* òj=3DN=3Ds=3Dur< aq= =3D=3D*q=3DI*, N=3Dn=3DI c=3D B=3Drt=3D{=3D*B=3D ++ë.âê++

he aj=3Du*n=3D, c=3D=3Dr= p=3D>k:=3Dr ke: WT=3Dm=3D p=3Duo{=3D _ duK=3D s=3De p=3DIi#ªt=3D, p=3Drm=3D=3Dtm= =3D=3D k:=3De j=3D=3Dn=3Dn=3De k:I wc%=3D b=3D=3Dle ij=3DN=3Ds=3Du, Q=3Dn=3D y=3D=3D ik:s=3DI w{!f:l k:I wc%=3D v=3D= =3Dle, t=3Dq=3D=3D N=3Dn=3DI _ m=3Duz=3De B=3Dj=3Dt=3Dee hE]. (ë.âê)

Four types of virtuous ones worship or seek Me, O Arjun= a. They are: the distressed, the seeker of Self-knowledge, the seeker of wealt= h, and the enlightened one (who has experienced the Supreme Being). (7.16)


b=3DhUn=3D=3D] j=3Dnm=3Dn=3D=3Dm=3D< ant= =3De, N=3Dn=3Dv=3D=3Dn=3D< m=3D=3D] p=3D>p=3D6t=3De +

v=3D=3Ds=3Dudev=3D/ s=3Dv=3D*m=3D< wit= =3D, s=3D m=3Dh=3Dtm=3D=3D s=3Dudul*B=3D/ ++ë.âï++

an=3Dek: j=3Dnm=3D=3De] ke: b=3D=3Dd b=3D>ÉN= =3Dn=3D p=3D>=3Dpt=3D k:r ik: “y=3Dh s=3Db=3D ku:% k&:{[=3Dm=3Dy=3D hE,” m=3Dn=3Du{y= =3D m=3Duuz=3De p=3D>=3Dpt=3D k:rt=3De hE]; Aes=3De m=3Dh=3Dtm=3D=3D b=3Dhut=3D dul*B=3D hE]. (ë.&ac= irc;ï)

After many births, the enlightened one resorts to Me by realiz­ing that everything is, indeed, My manifestation. Such a great soul is very rare. (7.19)




avy=3Dkt=3D] vy=3Dûkt=3Dm=3D< a=3D= p=3Dá], m=3Dny=3Dnt=3De m=3D=3Dm=3D< ab=3Du3y=3D/ +

p=3Dr] B=3D=3Dv=3Dm=3D< aj=3D=3Dn=3Dnt= =3D=3De, m=3Dm=3D=3Dvy=3Dy=3Dm=3D< an=3DuT=3Dm=3Dm=3D< ++ë.äå++

aN=3Dn=3DI m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D m=3Duz=3D p=3Drb=3D>&Eacut= e; p=3Drm=3D=3Dtm=3D=3D ke: _ m=3Dn=3D, b=3Dui3, t=3Dq=3D=3D v=3D=3D[=3DI s=3De p=3Dre, p=3Drm=3D aiv=3Dn= =3D=3Dx=3DI _ idvy=3DOp=3D k:=3De n=3DhI] j=3D=3Dn=3Dn=3De a=3DEr s=3Dm=3Dz=3Dn=3De ke: k:=3Dr[=3D Aes=3D=3D m=3D=3Dn= =3D D=3Det=3Dee hE] ik: m=3DE] ib=3Dn=3D=3D Op=3D v=3D=3DD=3D=3D in=3Dr=3Dk:=3Dr hU|}, t=3Dq=3D=3D Op=3D Q=3D=3Dr[=3D k:rt=3D= =3D hU|}. (ë.äå)

The ignorant ones — unable to completely understa= nd My immutable, incomparable, incomprehensible, and transcendental form and existence — believe that I, the Supreme Being, am formless and take f= orms or  incarnate. (7.24)


y=3D] y=3D] v=3D=3Dip=3D sm=3Drn=3D< B=3D=3Dv=3D], ty=3Dj=3Dty=3D< ant=3De = k:lev=3Drm=3D< +

t=3D] t=3D] Av=3DEit=3D k:=3DEnt=3Dey=3D, s=3Dd=3D t=3D4=3Dv=3DB=3D=3Div=3Dt=3D/ = ++è.îê++

he aj= =3D*un=3D, m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D m=3Drn=3De ke: s=3Dm=3Dy=3D ij=3Ds=3D ik:s=3DI B=3DI B=3D=3D= v=3D k:=3De sm=3Dr[=3D k:rt=3D=3D hua=3D x=3DrIr ty=3D=3Dg=3Dt=3D=3D hE, v=3Dh s=3Dd=3D Ws=3D B=3D=3Dv=3D ke: ic=3Dnt=3Dn=3D= k:rn=3De ke: k:=3Dr[=3D Ws=3DI B=3D=3Dv=3D k:=3De p=3D>=3Dpt=3D h=3Det=3D=3D hE. (è.îê)

Whatever object one remembers as one leaves the body at= the end of life, that  object is a= ttained. Thought of whatever object prevails during one's lifetime, one remembers on= ly that object at the end of life and achieves it. (8.06)


t=3Dsm=3D=3Dt=3D< s=3Dv=3De*{=3Duu k:=3Dle{=3Du , m=3D=3Dm=3D< an=3Dusm=3Dr y=3DuQy=3D c= =3D +

m=3Dyy=3D< aip=3D*t=3Dm=3Dn=3D=3Deb=3Dui= 3r< , m=3D=3Dm=3D< Av=3DE{y=3Dsy=3D< as=3D]x=3Dy=3Dm=3D< ++è.îë++ 

ws=3DilA he aj=3D*un=3D, t=3DU s=3Dd=3D m=3Der=3D sm=3D= r[=3D k:r, a=3DEr ap=3Dn=3D=3D k:t=3D*vy=3D k:r. ws=3D t=3Drh m=3Duz=3D m=3De] ap=3D*[=3D ik:A m=3Dn=3D a= =3DEr b=3Dui3 s=3De y=3Dukt=3D h=3Dek:r in=3D/s=3Dndeh t=3Dum=3D m=3Duz=3Dk:=3De hI p=3D>=3Dpt=3D h=3Deg=3D=3D. = (è.îë)

Therefore, always remember Me and do your duty. You sha= ll certainly attain Me if your mind and intellect are ever focused on Me. (8.0= 7)



an=3Dny=3D=3Dx=3D< ic=3Dnt=3Dy=3Dnt=3D=3De m=3D=3D], y=3De j=3Dn=3D=3D/ p=3Dy=3D*up=3D=3Ds=3Dt= =3De +

t=3De{=3D=3D] in=3Dty=3D=3DiB=3Dy=3Dukt=3D=3Dn=3D=3D], y=3D=3Deg=3DZ=3Dem=3D] v=3Dh=3Dmy= =3Dhm=3D< ++ï.ää++

j=3D= =3De B=3Dkt=3Dj=3Dn=3D an=3Dny=3D B=3D=3Dv=3Ds=3De ic=3Dnt=3Dn=3D k:rt=3De huA m=3DerI Wp=3D=3Ds= =3Dn=3D=3D k:rt=3De hE], Wn=3D in=3Dty=3Dy=3Dukt=3D B=3Dkt=3D=3De] k:=3D y=3D=3Deg=3DZ=3Dem=3D m=3DE] sv= =3Dy=3D] v=3Dhn=3D k:rt=3D=3D hU|}. (ï.ä&a= uml;)

I personally take care of both the spiritual and materi= al wel­fare of those ever-steadfast devotees who always remember and adore= Me with single-minded contemplation. (9.22)




p=3DF=3D] p=3Du{p=3D] f:D=3D] t=3D=3Dey=3D], y=3D=3De m=3De B=3Dkty=3D=3D p=3D>y= =3Dc%it=3D +

t=3Dd< ah] B=3Dkty=3Dup=3DÅt=3Dm=3D< , axn=3D=3Dim=3D p=3D>y=3Dt=3D=3D= tm=3Dn=3D/ ++ï.äê++

j=3D= =3De m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D p=3D>em=3DB=3Dikt=3D s=3De p=3DF=3D, fU:D=3D, f:D=3D, j=3DD=3D, a=3Did k= :=3Dew* B=3DI v=3Dst=3Du m=3Duz=3De ap=3D*[=3D k:rt=3D=3D hE, t=3D=3De m=3DE] Ws=3D x=3Du3ic=3DT=3D v=3D=3DD=3D= e B=3Dkt=3D k:=3D v=3Dh p=3D>em=3D=3Dep=3Dh=3Dr ke:v=3Dl sv=3DIk:=3Dr hI n=3DhI] k:rt=3D=3D, Ws=3Dk:=3D B=3D=3Deg=3D B=3DI = k:rt=3D=3D hU|}.

Whosoever offers Me a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water with devotion, I accept and eat the offering of devotion by the pure-hearte= d. (9.26)



m=3Dnm=3Dn=3D=3D B=3Dv=3D m=3D4kt=3D=3De, m= =3D6=3Dj=3DI m=3D=3D] n=3Dm=3Dsk:uo +

m=3D=3Dm=3D< Av=3DE{y=3Dòs=3D y= =3Duktv=3DEv=3Dm=3D< , a=3Dtm=3D=3Dn=3D] m=3Dtp=3Dr=3Dy=3D[=3D/ ++ï.àå++

m=3Duz=3D m=3De] m=3Dn=3D lg=3D=3D, m=3Der=3D B=3Dkt=3D= b=3Dn=3D, m=3DerI p=3DUj=3D=3D k:r, m=3Duz=3De p=3D>[=3D=3Dm=3D k:r. ws=3D p=3D>k:=3Dr m=3Der=3D p=3Dr=3D= y=3D[=3D h=3Den=3De s=3De t=3DU m=3Duz=3De hI p=3D>=3Dpt=3D h=3Deg=3De. (ï.àå)

Always think of Me, be devoted to Me, worship Me, and b= ow down to Me. Thus, uniting yourself with Me by setting Me as the supreme goal and the sole refuge, you shall certainly come to Me. (9.34)



ah] s=3Dv=3D*sy=3D p=3D>B=3Dv=3D=3De, m= =3DT=3D/ s=3Dv=3D*] p=3D>v=3Dt=3D*t=3De +

wit=3D m=3Dtv=3D=3D B=3Dj=3Dnt=3De m=3D=3D]= , b=3DuQ=3D=3D B=3D=3Dv=3Ds=3Dm=3Dònv=3Dt=3D=3D/ ++âî.îè++=

m=3DE] hI s=3Db=3Dk:I Wtp=3DiT=3D k:=3D k:=3Dr[=3D hU],= a=3DEr m=3Duz=3D s=3De hI j=3Dg=3Dt=3D< k:=3D iv=3Dk:=3Ds=3D h=3Det=3D=3D hE. Aes=3D=3D j=3D=3Dn= =3Dk:r b=3Dui3m=3D=3Dn=3D< B=3Dkt=3Dj=3Dn=3D X3=3Dp=3DUv=3D*k: m=3Duz=3D p=3Drm=3Dexv=3Dr k:=3De hI in=3Drnt=3Dr B=3Dj= =3Dt=3De hE]. (âî.îè)

I am the origin of all. Everything evolves from Me. The wise who understand this adore Me with love and devotion. (10.08)




m=3Dtk:m=3D*k&:n=3D< m=3Dtp=3Drm=3D= =3De, m=3D4kt=3D/ s=3DV<g=3Dv=3Dòj=3D*t=3D/ +

in=3Dv=3D*Er/ s=3Dv=3D*B=3DUt=3De{=3Du , y=3D/ s=3D m=3D=3Dm=3D< Ait=3D p=3D=3D[#v=3D ++ââ.çç++

he aj= =3D*un=3D, j=3D=3De p=3Duo{=3D m=3Dere ilA hI k:m=3D* k:rt=3D=3D hE, m=3Duz=3D p=3Dr h= I B=3Dr=3Des=3D=3D rK=3Dt=3D=3D hE, m=3Der=3D B=3Dkt=3D hE, t=3Dq=3D=3D j=3D=3De a=3Ds=3Dikt=3D riht=3D a=3DEr = in=3Dv=3DE*r hE, v=3DhI m=3Duz=3De p=3D>=3Dpt=3D k:rt=3D=3D hE. (ââ.çç)

One who dedicates all works to Me and to whom I am the = supreme goal, who is my devotee, who has no attachment, and who is free from malice toward any creature ¾ reaches M= e, O Arjuna. (See also 8.22) (11.55)


m=3Dyy=3Dev=3D m=3Dn=3D a=3DQ=3Dtsv=3D, m=3Diy=3D b=3Dui3] in=3Dv=3Dex=3Dy=3D +

in=3Dv=3Dòs=3D{y=3Dòs=3D m=3Dyy=3Dev=3D, at=3D ~Qv=3D*] n=3D s=3D]x=3Dy=3D/ ++âä.î&= egrave;++

m=3Duz=3D m=3De] hI ap=3Dn=3D=3D m=3Dn=3D lg=3D=3D, a= =3DEr b=3Dui3s=3De m=3Der=3D hI ic=3Dnt=3Dn=3D k:r, ws=3Dke: Wp=3Dr=3Dnt=3D in=3D/s=3D]deh t=3Dum=3D m=3Duz= =3D m=3De] hI in=3Dv=3D=3Ds=3D k:r=3Deg=3De. (âä.îè)

Therefore, focus your mind on Me and let your intellect dwell upon Me alone through meditation and contemplation. Thereafter, you s= hall certainly attain Me. (12.08)




s=3Dm=3D] s=3Dv=3D*ee{=3Du B=3DUt=3De{=3Du = , it=3D{@nt=3D] p=3Drm=3Dexv=3Drm=3D< +

iv=3Dn=3Dxy=3Dtsv=3D< aiv=3Dn=3Dxy=3Dnt= =3D], y=3D/ p=3Dxy=3Dit=3D s=3D p=3Dxy=3Dit=3D ++âà.äë++

j=3D=3De p=3Duo{=3D aiv=3Dn=3D=3Dx=3DI p=3Drm=3Dexv=3Dr= k:=3De hI s=3Dm=3Dst=3D n=3Dxv=3Dr p=3D>=3Di[=3Dy=3D=3De] m=3De] s=3Dm=3D=3Dn=3D B=3D=3Dv=3D s=3De isq=3Dt= =3D deK=3Dt=3D=3D hE, v=3DhI v=3D=3Dst=3Dv=3D m=3De] w*xv=3Dr k:=3D dx=3D*n=3D k:rt=3D=3D hE. (âà.äë)

One who sees the one and the same imperishable Supreme = Lord dwelling as Spirit (or Ishvara) equally within all perishable beings, truly sees. (13.27)




m=3D=3D] c=3D y=3D=3DeCvy=3DiB=3Dc=3D=3Dre[= =3D, B=3Dûkt=3Dy=3D=3Deg=3Den=3D s=3Dev=3Dt=3De +

s=3D g=3Du[=3D=3Dn=3D< s=3Dm=3Dt=3DIty= =3DEt=3D=3Dn=3D< , b=3D>ÉB=3DUy=3D=3Dy=3D k:Dp=3Dt=3De ++âå.äê= ;++

j=3D=3De p=3Duo{=3D an=3Dny=3D B=3Dikt=3D s=3De m=3DerI= Wp=3D=3Ds=3Dn=3D=3D k:rt=3D=3D hE, v=3Dh p=3D>k&:it=3D ke: t=3DIn=3D=3De]e g=3Du[=3D=3De] k:=3De p=3D= =3Dr k:rke: p=3Drb=3D>É p=3Drm=3D=3Dtm=3D=3D k:I p=3D>=3Dipt=3D ke: y=3D=3Degy=3D h=3De j=3D=3Dt= =3D=3D hE. (âå.äê)

One who serves Me with love and unswerving devotion transcends the three modes of material Nature and becomes fit for Nirvana. = (See also 7.14 and 15.19) (14.26)



s=3Dv=3D*sy=3D c=3D=3Dh] Åid s=3D]in= =3Div=3D{!=3De,

m=3DT=3D/ sm=3D&it=3Dr< N=3Dn=3Dm=3D= < ap=3D=3Dehn=3D] c=3D +

v=3DedExc=3D s=3Dr<v=3DEr< ahm=3D<= Av=3D v=3De6=3De,

v=3Ded=3Dnt=3Dk&:d< v=3Deeediv=3Dd&l= t; Av=3D c=3D=3Dhm=3D< ++âç.âç++

m=3DE] hI s=3DB=3DI p=3D>=3Di[=3Dy=3D=3De] ke: ant= =3D/k:r[=3D m=3De] isq=3Dt=3D h]U. sm=3D&it=3D, N=3Dn=3D, t=3Dq=3D=3D x=3D]k:=3D s=3Dm=3D=3DQ=3D=3Dn= =3D (iv=3Dv=3Dek: y=3D=3D s=3Dm=3D=3DiQ=3D 8=3Dr=3D) B=3DI m=3Duz=3D s=3De hI h=3Det=3D=3D hE. s=3Dm=3Dst=3D v=3Ded=3De] ke: 8= =3Dr=3D j=3D=3Dn=3Dn=3De y=3D=3Degy=3D v=3Dst=3Du, v=3Ded=3Dnt=3D k:=3D k:t=3D=3D*, t=3Dq=3D=3D v=3Ded=3De] k:=3D j=3D=3Dn=3Dn= =3De v=3D=3DD=3D=3D B=3DI m=3DE] hI hU|}. (âç.âç)

And I am seated in the inner psyche of all beings. Memory, Self-knowledge, and removal of doubts and wrong noti= ons about God come from Me. I am, in truth, that which is to be known by the study of all the Vedas. I am, indeed, the author as w= ell as the student of the Vedas. (15.15)

iF=3Div=3DQ=3D] n=3Drk:sy=3Ded] , 8=3Dr] n= =3D=3Dx=3Dn=3Dm=3D< a=3Dtm=3Dn=3D/ +

k:=3Dm=3D/ k>:=3DeQ=3Ds=3D< t=3Dq=3D=3D l=3DeB=3Ds=3D< , t=3Dsm=3D=3Dd< At= =3Dt=3D< F=3Dy=3D] ty=3Dj=3Det=3D< ++âê.äâ++

k:=3Dm= =3D, k>:=3DeQ=3D, a=3DEr l=3DeB=3D m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D k:=3De n=3Drk: k:I a=3Der l= e j=3D=3Dn=3De v=3D=3Dle t=3DIn=3D r=3Dst=3De hE], ws=3DilA wn=3D t=3DIn=3D=3De] k:=3D ty=3D=3Dg=3D k:rn=3D=3D= c=3D=3DihA. (âê.äâ)

Lust, anger, and greed are the three gates of hell lead= ing to the down­fall (or bondage) of the individual. Therefore, one must (l= earn to) give up these three. (16.21)



an=3Du8eg=3Dk:r] v=3D=3Dky=3D], s=3Dty=3D] ip=3D>y=3Diht=3D] c=3D y=3Dt=3D< +

sv=3D=3DQy=3D=3Dy=3D=3DBy=3Ds=3Dn=3D] c=3DEv=3D, v=3D=3DV<m=3Dy=3D] t=3Dp=3D Wcy=3Dt=3De ++âë.&acir= c;ç++

v=3D=3D[=3DI v=3DhI ac%I hE j=3D=3De dUs=3Dr=3De] ke: m= =3Dn=3D m=3De] ax=3D=3Dint=3D p=3DEd=3D n=3D k:re; j=3D=3De s=3Dty=3D, ip=3D>y=3D, a=3DEr iht=3Dk:=3Dr= k: h=3De; t=3Dq=3D=3D ij=3Ds=3Dk:=3D Wp=3Dy=3D=3Deg=3D x=3D=3DsF=3D=3De] ke: p=3D$ªªªn=3Dee m=3De= ] h=3De. (âë.âç)

Speech tha= t is non-offensive, truthful, pleasant, beneficial, and is used for the regular reading aloud of scriptures is called the austerity of word. (17.15)



B=3Dkty=3D=3D m=3D=3Dm=3D< aiB=3Dj=3D=3D= n=3D=3Dit=3D, y=3D=3Dv=3D=3Dn=3D< y=3Dx=3D< c=3D=3Dòsm=3D t=3DTv=3Dt=3D/ +

t=3Dt=3D=3De m=3D=3Dm=3D< t=3DTv=3Dt=3D= =3De N=3Dtv=3D=3D , iv=3Dx=3Dt=3De t=3Ddn=3Dnt=3Drm=3D< ++âè.çç++

m=3Duz=3De X3=3D a=3DEr B=3Dikt=3D ke: 8=3Dr=3D hI j=3D= =3Dn=3D=3D j=3D=3D s=3Dk:t=3D=3D hE ik: m=3DE] k:=3DEn=3D hU|} a=3DEr ky=3D=3D hU|}. m=3Duz=3De j=3D=3Dn=3Dn=3D= e ke: p=3Dxc=3D=3Dt=3D< m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D m=3Duz=3D m=3De] hI p=3D>v=3Dex=3D k:r j=3D=3Dt=3D=3D hE. (â&egrav= e;.çç)

By devotion one truly understands what and who I am in essence. Having known Me in essence, one immediately merges with Me. (See a= lso 5.19) (18.55)



w*xv=3Dr/ s=3Dv=3D*B=3DUt=3D=3Dn=3D=3D], &A= ring;2eex=3DeCj=3Du*n=3D it=3D{@it=3D +

B=3D>=3Dm=3Dy=3Dn=3D< s=3Dv=3D*B=3DUt=3D=3Din=3D, y=3DnF=3D=3DO$=3Din=3D m=3D=3Dy=3Dy=3D=3D ++&ac= irc;è.êâ++

he aj=3Du*n=3D, w*xv=3Dr s=3DB=3DI p=3D>=3Di[=3Dy=3D= =3De] ke: Ådy=3D m=3De] isq=3Dt=3D rh k:r ap=3Dn=3DI m=3D=3Dy=3D=3D ke: 8=3Dr=3D m=3Dn=3Du{y= =3D k:=3De k:@p=3Dut=3DlI k:I t=3Drh n=3Dc=3D=3Dt=3D=3D rht=3D=3D hE. (âè.êâ)

The Supreme Lord — abiding as the controller in t= he inner psyche of all beings, O = Arjuna — causes them to revolve, by His power of Maya, like a puppet mounted= on a machine. (18.61)<= /span>



s=3Dv=3D*Q=3Dm=3D=3D*n=3D< p=3Dirty=3Djy= =3D, m=3D=3Dm=3Dek:} x=3Dr[=3D] v=3D>j=3D +

ah] tv=3D=3D s=3Dv=3D*p=3D=3Dp=3DeBy=3D=3De= , m=3D=3DeZ=3Diy=3D{y=3D=3Dim=3D m=3D=3D x=3Duc=3D/ ++âè.êê++

s=3Dmp=3DU[=3D* k:m=3D=3De*] (m= =3De] ah]k:=3Dr a=3DEr a=3Ds=3Dikt=3D) k:=3D p=3Dirty=3D=3Dg=3D k:rke: t=3Dum=3D ke:v=3Dl m= =3Der=3D hI a=3DXy=3D l=3De. x=3D=3Dek: m=3Dt=3D k:r=3De, m=3DE] t=3Dumhe] s=3Dm=3Dst=3D p=3D=3Dp=3D=3De] (aq=3D=3D= *t=3D< k:m=3D* ke: b=3DnQ=3Dn=3D=3De]) s=3De m=3Dukt=3D k:r dU]g=3D=3D. (âè.êê)

Setting aside (doership and attachment in) all duties, = take refuge in My will alone. I shall liberate you from all sins. Do not grieve. (18.66)




y=3D wm=3D] p=3Drm=3D] g=3DuÄ], m=3D4k= t=3De{v=3D< aiB=3DQ=3D=3Dsy=3Dit=3D +

B=3Dûkt=3D] m=3Diy=3D p=3Dr=3D] k&= ;:tv=3D=3D, m=3D=3Dm=3D< Av=3DE{y=3Dty=3D< as=3D]x=3Dy=3D/ ++âè.&eci= rc;è++

= n=3D c=3D t=3Dsm=3D=3Dn=3D< m=3Dn=3Du{y=3De{=3Du  k:ûxc=3Dn=3D< m=3De ip=3D>y=3Dk&:T=3Dm=3D/ +

= B=3Div=3Dt=3D=3D n=3D c=3D m=3De t=3Dsm=3D=3Dd<  any=3D/ ip=3D>y=3Dt=3Dr=3De B=3Duiv=3D ++êï++

j=3D=3De p=3Duo{=3D X3=3D a=3DEr B=3Dikt=3D p=3DUv=3D*k: (g=3DIt=3D= =3D ke:) ws=3D N=3Dn=3D k:=3D m=3Dere B=3Dkt=3D=3De] ke: b=3DIc=3D p=3D>c=3D=3Dr a=3DEr p=3D>s=3D=3Dr k:reg= =3D=3D, v=3Dh m=3Der=3D s=3Db=3Ds=3De py=3D=3Dr=3D h=3Deg=3D=3D a=3DEr in=3D/s=3Dndeh m=3Duz=3De p=3D>=3Dpt=3D k:reg=3D=3D.= (âè.êè) Ws=3Ds=3De b=3D$ªk:r m=3Der=3D ip=3D>= ;y=3D k:=3Dy=3D* k:rn=3De v=3D=3DD=3D=3D k:=3Dew* m=3Dn=3Du{y=3D n=3DhI] h=3Deg=3D=3D; a=3DE= r n=3D m=3Der=3D Ws=3Ds=3De jy=3D=3Dd=3D ip=3D>y=3D ws=3D p=3D&qv=3DI p=3Dr k:=3Dew* dUs=3Dr=3D h=3Deg=3D=3D.= (âè.êï)=

One who shall propagate this supreme secret philosophy = ¾ the transcendental knowledge of the Gita ¾ amongst My devotees, shall be performing the highest devotional service to Me and shall certainly come to Me. No other person sh= all do a more pleasing service to Me, and no one on the earth shall be more dea= r to Me. (18.68-69)

s=3D]j=3Dy=3D Wv=3D=3Dc=3D _

y=3DF=3D y=3D=3Deg=3Dexv=3Dr/ k&:{[=3D= =3De, y=3DF=3D p=3D=3Dq=3D=3De* Q=3Dn=3DuQ=3D*r/ +

t=3DF=3D XIr< iv=3Dj=3Dy=3D=3De B=3DUit= =3Dr< , Q=3D>uv=3D=3D n=3DIit=3Dr< m=3Dit=3Dr< m=3Dm=3D +âè.ëè++

s=3D]j=3Dy=3D b=3D=3Dele _ j=3Dh=3D] B=3DI, ij=3Ds=3D d= ex=3D y=3D=3D G=3Dr m=3De], (Q=3Dm=3D* aq=3D=3D*t=3D< x=3D=3DsF=3DQ=3D=3DrI) y=3D=3Deg=3Dexv=3Dr XIk&:{[=3D= t=3Dq=3D=3D (Q=3Dm=3D* rZ=3D=3D Av=3D] k:m=3D*Op=3DI) x=3DsF=3DQ=3D=3DrI aj=3Du*n=3D d=3Den=3D=3De] h=3De]g=3De; v= =3DhI] XI, iv=3Dj=3Dy=3D, iv=3DB=3DUit=3D, a=3DEr n=3DIit=3D a=3Did s=3Dd=3D iv=3Dr=3Dj=3Dm=3D=3Dn=3D rhe]g=3DI. Aes= =3D=3D m=3Der=3D a!D=3D iv=3Dxv=3D=3Ds=3D hE. (âè.ëè)

Wherever there will be both Krishna, the Lord of yoga (or Dharma in the form of the scriptures), and Arjuna with= the weapons of duty and protection, there will be everlasting prosperity, victo= ry, happiness, and morality. This is my conviction. (18.78)









hir/ ö t=3Dts=3Dt=3D< = ;  hir/ ö t=3Dts=3Dt=3D< =   hir/ ö t=3Dts=3Dt=3D<

XIk&:{[=3D=3Dp=3D*[=3D] ast=3Du  x=3DuB=3D] B=3DUy=3D=3Dt=3D<

ö x=3D=3Dònt=3D/ x=3D=3Dònt=3D/ x=3D=3Dòn= t=3D/



g=3DIt=3D=3D s=3Dts=3D]g=3D v=3D=3D Qy=3D=3Dn=3D k= e:nd>

B=3D= =3Drt=3D x=3D=3DK=3D=3D s=3D]p=3D*k:

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 “ …. A wonderful transl= ation. It's about time that we get a new translation of the Bhagavad-Gita. Dr. Pra= sad takes a much more low-key appr= oach, simply translating the Gita to the best of= his ability and allowing the reader to make sense of it rather than forcing his= own opinions on others. More accurate than most other translations and rendered into modern prose, this makes an excellent place to sta= rt with if you're new to Eastern thought."        =             &nb= sp;            =             &nb= sp;        = ¾ Gsibbery, Baton Rouge, USA<= /i>

 “ …. American Gita Soci= ety now offers a translation, rendering thought provoking delicacy for the scholar, and at the same time provides unbiased commentaries that can be easily understood by the layperson. This rendition does not endorse, propagate, or oppose any causes, and delivers a translati= on that is devoid of all personal motivation and speculation …. ” =                    =                     =        ¾ Douglas Remington= , Los Angeles, 1997

8220;…. I want to implore your organization to continue spreading the=
 truth found in the Gita to those who seek spiritual transcendence from the=
 fetters of commercialism….”             &=
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 " .... I am currently creating a textbook on ancient world cultures on the World-Wide Web. I would like to include the translation of the Gita by Dr. Ramananda Prasad in my site. I am interested in representing India fairly, and I fear that the translation of= the Gita by Sir Edwin Arnold that is distributed all over the net will do more = to turn students away rather than introduce them fairly to the text…."        =        ¾ Prof. Anthony Beavers, University of Evansville, India= na, USA



How = to start a Gita Study Group.

   &nbs= p;        1  Talk to few like-minded people in your f= riend and neighborhood circle about the idea of starting a Gita Satsang/Study gro= up and arrange a meeting with the spiritually inclined people and decide time, place, and how of= ten the group should meet. Evenings and weekends are usually preferred time. The meeting place could be a local school, temple/church, conference room of an office building, or a public library. You can meet at home if the spouse cooperates and she is also interested in Gita Study. The frequency of the meeting could be once a mon= th, twice a month, or every Saturday/Sunday.  The duration of Satsang shou= ld be one to 1.5 hours.

   &nbs= p;        2. Few short Bhajans (3 to 4 only) should be included in the beginning or towards the end of Satsang.  Guest speakers may also be invited if possible.

   &nbs= p;        3.  Select a Gita book that has verses and/or explanation in English a= nd local language and is easy to understand by all. Start with Chapter 1. Everybody reads one verse turn by turn. The person who reads the verses also explains what is his/her understanding of that verse.  Then others who wish to participate in discussions are asked to give their explanation/ understanding and/or question or clarification. Moderator makes sure that people dont start arguing/verbal fighting. After one verse is read and discussed, another verses is read and explai= ned by another person or the moderator. Some people who do not want to discuss or = feel shy about discussing, he/she should say "I will pass on". And the next person reads and discusses. Water, tea or light Prasadam in the end ma= y be served.  Please download our 40 pages (size 5.4” x 8.1”) booklet in PDF that can be printed locally from:

= /hindigita40b.pdf /silverbook.pdf

 The initial cost= of printing will be reimbersed by the International Gita Society. This hindi g= ita may be distributed to all by charging a nominal, very affordable donation-p= rice of  Rs 10.00 to prevent its misuse and reco= ver the cost so that its publication becomes self-sustaining.


s=3Dhy=3D=3Deg=3D d=3Dn=3D aq=3Dv=3D=3D g=3DIt=3D=3D k:= =3D ap=3Dn=3De p=3D>=3Dnt=3DIy=3D B=3D=3D{=3D=3D m=3De] an=3Duv=3D=3Dd ke: ilA s=3D]p=3Dk*: k:re] --


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Phone (510) 791 695= 3, Fax: (510) 791 6993


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g=3DIt=3D=3D k:=3D ihndI t=3Dq=3D=3D s=3Drl a]g= =3D>ej=3DI an=3Duv=3D=3Dd (s=3D]sk&:t=3D ke: xl=3Dek:

t=3Dq= =3D=3D vy=3D=3DKy=3D=3D s=3Diht=3D) Wp=3DlbQ=3D hE] _

m=3D= =3Det=3DIl=3Dl b=3Dn=3D=3Drs=3DId=3Ds=3D p=3Dûblx=3Ds=3D*

åâ y=3DU. A. b=3D]g=3Dl=3De r=3De#, j=3Dv=3D=3Dhr n=3Dg=3Dr, idDlI â&aci= rc;î îîë

m=3Dumb=3Dw* åîî îäê, b=3D]g=3Dl=3Der çê= î îââ, p=3Dun=3De åââ îîä= ;

c=3Denn=3Dw*  êîî îîå, k:=3Delk:=3Dt=3D=3D ëîî î&aci= rc;ë, p=3D!n=3D=3D èîî îîå=



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