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Last 17 (upto Sat Jan 01/2011) eSatsang Streaming Audio Collection
  1. 9 Techniques to develop Devotion by Dr. Prasad
  2. Anger Management by Swami Balachandran
  3. Anger Managemenr by IGS Group
  4. Deity Worship by Dr. Bhatta and IGS Group
  5. Desire Management by Madan Kaur
  6. Desire Management by Ambika Singh
  7. Food Effect on Attitude and Performance 1 by T.S.RamaKrishna
  8. Food Effect on Attitude and Performance 2 by T.S.RamaKrishna
  9. Gita Verse Related Happiness: Selfless Service
  10. 5 ways of Happiness Introduction - Dr. Prasad
  11. 5 Ways of Happiness by Dr. Prasad
  12. 5 Ways of Happiness: Conclusion - Dr. Prasad
  13. Soul's Journey Part 1 by Yogi Madhavacharya
  14. Theory and Practice of Karma Yoga by Dr. Prasad
  15. Karma Akarma & Vikarma by Dr. T.S. RamaKrishna
  16. Limits of Human Freedom by Dr. Krishna Bhatta
  17. The Path of Devotion by Dr. Prasad