produce any new Karma (Kriyamana Karma) because the wise know that all work is done by the forces of nature, and we are not the doer. Thus, when Self-knowledge dawns, only a part of the accumulated Karma, known as fate (Prarabdha) that is responsible for the present birth, has to be exhausted before freedom from transmigration is attained by an enlightened person.

The physical body and mind generate new Karma. The causal body is the outermost body that covers the Self. The causal body is the warehouse storage for the accumulated Karma. Karmas are projected from causal body into the subtle body and then into the physical body as fate for dissipation. Karma produces body, and body generates new Karma. Thus, the cycle of birth and death continues indefinitely. Only selfless service can break this cycle, and selfless service is not possible without Self-knowledge. Thus, transcendental knowledge breaks the bonds of Karma and leads to salvation. This knowledge does not manifest to a sinful person---or to any person whose time to receive the spiritual knowledge has not come.

Loss and gain, life and death, fame and infamy lie in the hands of one’s Karma. Fate is all-powerful. This being so, one should neither be angry nor blame anybody (TR 2.171.01). People know virtue and vice, but one’s choice is ordained by fate or Karmic footprints because the mind and intellect are con­trolled by fate. When success does not come in spite of best efforts, it may be concluded that fate precedes endeavor.


Truly, there is no purifier in this world like the true knowledge of the Supreme Being. One discovers this knowledge within, naturally, in due course of time (when one's mind is purified by any sincere spiritual practice(s)). (See also 4.31, 5.06, and 18.78). (4.38)

The intense fire of devotion to God burns all Karma and purifies and illuminates the mind and intellect just as sunlight illumines the earth (BP 11.03.40). Selfless service should be per­formed to the best of one’s ability until purity of mind is attained (DB 7.34.15). True knowledge of the Self is automatically reflected in a pure consciousness (Chitta). KarmaYoga cleanses the dirt of selfishness from the mind and prepares it to receive Self-knowledge. Selfless service (KarmaYoga) and Self-knowledge are thus the two wings to take one to salvation.

One who has faith in God, is sincere in yogic practice, and has control over the mind and senses, gains this transcendental knowledge. Having gained this knowledge, one quickly attains su­preme peace or liberation. (4.39)
The fires of mental grief and sorrows, born of at­tachment, can be completely extinguished by the water of Self-knowledge (MB 3.02.26). There is no basis for right thought and action without Self-knowledge.

The irrational, the faithless, and the disbeliever (atheist) perish (or transmigrate). There is neither this world nor the world beyond nor happi­ness for a disbeliever. (4.40)


Work does not bind a Self-conscious person who has renounced work---by renouncing the fruits of work---through KarmaYoga and whose confusion (with regard to body and Spirit) is completely de­stroyed by Self-knowledge, O Arjuna. (4.41)

Therefore, cut the ignorance-born confusion (with regard to body and Spirit) by the sword of Self-knowledge, resort to KarmaYoga, and get up for the war, O Arjuna. (4.42)


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